I’ve always wondered, especially in the last period .. When did we allow people to overwhelm us?

We try to be strong, courageous, independent, and yet when we meet someone who takes our body and soul … We are literally fucked! I speak from personal experience, because my mistake, both in love and in friendship is always the same .. Give the soul, give myself 100% even in exchange for nothing, so much to do so that the other person take advantage of the situation, and feel entitled to make us feel useless, insignificant and horrible as soon as it no longer needs us, You feel your heart in a thousand pieces, feel you have made yet another false step, feel of not worth anything and have given everything, for nothing, you break down and you feel less than zero .. Well after so many disappointments I’m tired, tired of being used, tired of loving people who feel nothing for me, tired of believing in fairy tales, because fairy tales exist only in movies, the man who makes you feel the center of his universe, it does not exist, the friend who bends over backwards and who runs as soon as you call him no longer exists. Love and friendship have totally lost their meaning, so why? Why do I have to be psychologically destroyed? When did I lose my esteem for myself? So even if it seems to be the man of your life, even if it seems the best friend .. Look at everything with external eyes, if you do not listen, puff is constantly complaining, if you feel superior to you, if it humiliates you. It is neither love nor friendship ..Do not be consumed by those who do not love you. Because it deserves nothing of you .. Not even your time!



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