I do not remember exactly, when I really understood what the word LOVE means, sometimes I think that I have not yet understood the meaning, but I commit myself, and I try to conceive only positive things from it. After adolescence in the norm, simple up to 13 years, messed up to 18, it was around 25 years that I began to love myself, also love my faults, and this has allowed me to do the same with others .

Yes, because only when you start to love yourself, you see the world with other eyes, and when you start looking at the world with other eyes .. See how bad people are becoming ..

I’ve been curvy pretty much forever, for years I was due hearing bad things from people, at first it hurt, I came home from school in tears, I hated myself .. But not in the sense to spur you to change, no, in the sense of self-destruction, it’s bad feeling to call Whale, pig, hippopotamus, or other ..specially from that people that you believed was your friends.. I felt the inadequacy pervade my mind ..These were difficult years, but then the sun came, I realized that those who really had to import something of what I was out of ..To me, I had to just import, and in being always bulled, when I hear stories against other people, whether it is weight for race, sex or religion, I get angry because nobody has to feel right and a level above ourselves.

So friends, love each other, learn to love every little part of yourself, do not be afraid to love those around you, for fear of being judged, do not be afraid to be yourself, The most beautiful thing in the world is to love unconditionally, is to be free to love .. I have many gay friends, and I am proud of them, because they accepted .. They do not hide, they do not fear being judged because when you love yourself, you do not care what people will say .. I have friends of different nationalities of mine, and together we have fun .. We do not worry when people look at us as if to say you are different races you can not attend .. Bullshit my friends .. So fuck it off, love you love without thinking about who is used to judge the book by the cover.



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