what’s going on in my head..

In 32 years, I have risked many times to fall and not get up, but every time I put myself to do the pros and cons, good things and bad things .. and I always found that thing to cling to return, to return to live, these with the passing of the years have been, the transfer to Milan, the work, two wonderful people, my niece and lastly travel, today I had the last heel, a bit like an empty air .. it was hard all the day .. but a few minutes ago I clung to the last 3 things, and I feel like healed ..
depression is something that not everyone understands, many underestimate, others ignore, the symptoms are not clear, it is not anxiety, it is not a specific pain, depression is something you can not explain, that with all the medicines in the world it heals, if you do not want to heal, there are those who try, those who try to recover, who goes on with antidepressants and soothing .. but you are not understood, they ask you insistently what you have, but when you can not explain yourself here is that you are referred to as a difficult or acid person, and so you are there that you have to decide, whether to face this battle with yourself, or sink, and even if you feel unsuitable insecure, misunderstood because you can not fail to explain the reasons, you just have to get up. or sink .. and I fortunately also this time I decided to get up


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  1. Fabb Florals ha detto:

    I’m glad you keep getting up! Thank you for sharing your words 🙂

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    1. Thank you too for reading my words 😊

      Piace a 1 persona


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