Fat or Curvy this is the problem…

In recent years, there have been many activist movements, which speak in support of women, who invite women to believe in themselves, not to feel inadequate even if with a few extra pounds ..they supported those, that have always felt insecure and ugly compared to other girls..And we have become convinced, we have begun to love this body which, especially in the adolescent period, has been a problem, a trap, something that made us hate the image that was reflected in the mirror, sometimes even distorting reality..

And this force that has grown in us, this armor that we have built around us, many times has had to avoid the jokes, the laughter, the strange looks, because as long as those people are nothing or little more does not hurt,but when those people are your best friend, your mother, your sister the people we love … there do not hurt you, they kill you, the armor we create collapses, and the vulnerability that we wanted to hide so much remains..

But then we dry the tears, we are now an age where we still convince ourselves that we can be loved for what we are, that we have to get up again, and show the world that no one can judge us but ourselves … and the strength increases so much that it keeps those who continue to wanting to judge us, to those who want to make us feel not enough.. And we succeed, we are stronger than before, to those who criticize our big ass, let’s say that it is morbid, who tells us that we have big thighs, say yes and love rubbing each other, our points of reference become only women like we are among the most famous Ashley Graham or Serena Williams and sure Beyoncé , we are our own strength, we are sure and we begin to believe in some small flattery from time to time, we no longer meet kids who consider us fat but men who appreciate having something to touch!we start to become safe, to dress so as to show our forms, without hiding behind huge sweaters, we feel confident to go to the beach or pool with friends and put ourselves in a bikini, because we like that, and if people there they really love they will appreciate it .. we believe.

Yes because it happens again, it will always happen that someone will come who will question what we believe, this someone can be a family member, your best friend, anyone who you care about it. And it will be hard, fight with that demon, that every time there they question the reappearance and try to destroy us … and tomorrow it will be just the beginning of a new challenge with ourselves, and the belief that we are not fat, we are not robust, we are not huge, we are women like all others who deserve feeling accepted, suitable and loved even if everyone does not like it.


Yes! I know, it is a very strong title, but put yourself in the shoes of who every day, every damn day, from the soul for everything, family friends work and colleagues (even if nobody deserves it) and then what you receive in return is , teases, disappointments, insults, offenses and many times stabbed as if nothing had happened.

So I analyzed the last 32 years and six months of my life, the last 11846 days of my life, and maybe I understood where I’m wrong .. I stress maybe I’m not so sure..

I hope this will be of help and support for all those who read,learn how to treat people as you are, do not show your feelings but above all your weaknesses, people even those who have your own blood, of your weaknesses will take advantage as a shark with a little fish..yes, because people do not care about trampling or using your feelings, even when you’ve given them their best, almost life … they’ll throw you in the basket like a little ball of paper, do not trust those who trust you … below draws you into its own trap, do not trust who tells you I love you, because it is ready to ask you something when you say “me too” trust only yourselves, your instincts and your strength .. because to be strong to be safe, we do not need false people who tell us, but of real evidence, of people who are close to us without asking nothing to expect.

I have understood in all this time, that I have taken it for granted that if you show affection you will receive it, and it is not true! to show affection, today is seen as a sign of weakness .. I understood that if you give the soul to some people these are there to mock you and make you feel silly and object to use at will.

then I remembered a period of my life that runs from 2003 to 2006 the 3 best years of my life, because I did not worry about anyone, because I had almost definitely closed with everyone I knew, because I understood that something was not went the right way, because I realized that as soon as I became attached I was stabbed, used .. after three years I met the university gang, and that their friends made me fall into a chasm from which I thought I would never go out again, being used and thrown just like nothing was hurts, and makes you build a wall around so you can not be destroyed anymore, from 2011 I opened my eyes, and I realized that I would never have to attach more to anyone, this up to 2016, when I thought I had finally found my balance among the people, but no! this was again a gesture on my part misinterpreted, people never love you just for the pleasure of loving, but because they want something .. for this and only for this I adjure you, do not become attached to anyone who enters your life , but only to those who love you primarily for what you are, and then without asking for anything in return.

This is not consent

in Ireland, after a girl has suffered sexual violence, it has also been subjected to psychological violence, who should defend it, the girl looked for it! that sleazy phrase, more than violence itself, it is not possible that in a world where the evolution of machines is going at the speed of light, the evolution of the human race is going to regress.
it is not possible that we are in 2018, and if a woman is abused, she must be told that she looked for it, because she wore a miniskirt, a tight-fitting trousers, a deep neckline or even the loincloth, I, a woman, must feel free to be able to wear anything you want, because that does not give consent or right to a beast to take advantage of me.I am with the movement #thisisnotconsent and I am close to all the women who have had to suffer this great and humiliating wrong after the agonizing pain of sexual violence … and to those who have this thought of saying that women are looking for her, you are accomplice and animal exactly like who does sexual violence.

Becoming Michelle Obama

As a woman, with values, as a sister, friend, aunt, daughter .. as a girl who comes from the outskirts of one of the cities of southern Italy, where poverty ignorance degradation and resignation are the masters, in Michelle Obama I found an example to follow, in my opinion was definitely the best American First Lady of all time, a girl who has made her own, descendant of a family arrived as slaves in America studied in one of the most prestigious colleges in the country .. encourages the girls do not give up and always believe in themselves .. and is close to those who really need .. I can not wait to read my new book #becomingmichelleobama and learn more and more about the most amazing icon , a young woman can have…

Why beard is sexy?

Ok, sometimes I like to talk (write) on my blog about the men style, working in a restaurant where neighborhood is all fashion offices, is not possible not to notice the male looks of the customers … many times they are disappointed by the bad taste of the people but those are details, and talking about details .. I want to talk about something that distinguishes the man from the boy .. for centuries now!!


YES! always, men grow their beard to look more virile and masculine, rather than straight like a kid, and yet not everyone is fine, as a phrase read on Facebook says the beard does not work miracles, if you’re handsome, you’re beautiful with or without beard!

True! But why for all women (I did a survey) even if you can not look at the man with a beard is sexy to die for? and I do not speak of goatee or mustache, I speak of a beard that while talking with you constantly touches .. if there is something that I find sexy in a man and when he speaks he strokes his beard.. Soo sexy.But it is also true, that many bearded men take it off then they are not that great, I have many friends and colleagues who have a beard, but obviously there is what is good with and without, and what instead is almost without unwatchable..

Below now a rundown of men (famous) with a beard .. so you will understand why ..

Jason Momoa
Kit Harrington
David Beckham
Zayn Malik
Gerard Butler
Chris Hemsworth
Michael Huisman
Hugh Jackman
Tom Hardy


I was in Boston on December 3 last year, I state that I did the one-day tour, starting from Manhattan with the bus were about 3 hours of travel, we went through many cities, I saw all the wonderful American roads.

Provided that, for the next year I would like to return, to make at least a few more days ..I knew it was a city full of history but no, that was the city where the history of America was born, well I was enchanted by this magnificent city ..

In a single day, with everything there is to see ,you can not do it, I still intent on wanting to return I created my Road map on things to see and 3 days there are all!

The flight, calculating that I leave Milan, direct would be about 11 hours .. I know they are not few but believe me pass quickly,for accommodation, choose a hotel that is in a fairly central area ..Before leaving always mark the most important things to see that are:

1.Freedom Trail:The red concrete footpath, which runs through the entire city for 4km. Begin at the Boston Common Park Visitor Information Center, and end at the Bunker Hill Monument in Charlestown, touching the State House, Park Street Church, Granary Burying Ground (Boston’s oldest cemetery), America’s first public school, the statue of Ben Franklin, an ancient library, the Old State House (the oldest building in Boston), the site of the Massacre Massacre Massacre, the Faneuil Hall, the house of Paul Revere … in total, 16 must-see monuments to see (all)

2.Old North Church:The oldest church in Boston, located at 173 of Salem street, it is said that on the night of 18 April 1775 the sacristan Robert Newman hung two lanterns on the bell tower, signal agreed with Paul Revere to signal the approach, via water through the Charles River, of the British troops. With an epic ride, narrated in a famous poem by Henry W. Longfellow, Revere was able to warn the leaders of the insurrection: it was the beginning of the American Revolution.

3.Faneuil Hall:The history of the American Revolution has also passed from here: many famous speeches by patriots were held at Faneuil Hall. Today, in the four buildings that make up the market, you can walk, shop by walking carts and stalls or eat in one of the many restaurants and appreciate the many street artists that crowd the pedestrian area. The waterfront of Boston is just steps away, and watch the calendar: many musical and theatrical festivals are held here, and believe me is the most beautiful place, where to spend a carefree afternoon.

4.BOSTON PUBLIC GARDEN: What I noticed when visiting New York Washington and Boston is that the Americans, known for building magnificent skyscrapers, and ultra modern buildings, who still want to have a place to relax and enjoy the pleasures that only nature give you, that’s why I think the parks the best in the world, and the one in Boston is really beautiful ..

5. Paul Revere House: Boston is the cradle of the American Revolution, and the goldsmith-hero Paul Revere is one of the patriots symbol of that historical moment. A visit to his house, transformed into a museum, is a great way to approach a fundamental historical phase, and to see how we lived between the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries in the (future) United States of America: today about 90 percent of the house it is as it should have appeared in 1680, and a visitor center has just been opened to discover the life and art of Paul Revere.

6.HARVARD: one thing that makes America prestigious is its universities, and the oldest American university is that of Boston .. have you seen Harvard? exactly that! tell you that it was wonderful to walk through the avenues of the most famous college in the world and say little think, that in that university have studied two of the people that I admire most and who are as inspiring me as the Obama .. was crazy!

7.MASSACCHUSSETS STATE HOUSE : the legislature building of the state of Massachusetts is located in Boston, on a hill of Beacon Hill, really nice neighborhood, the dome will surely attract your attention, originally created in wood, was changed by too many water infiltrations and worked with the copper at the behest of Mr. Paul Revere, who at the time worked with copper and knew that there would be no more infiltrations.

8.KING’S CHAPEL :The beautiful stone chapel was erected in the second half of the eighteenth century, and is the one whose original form can still be seen today in the current structure. It was built on a previous sacred building, built entirely of wood, dating back to the end of the seventeenth century and wanted by King James II of England. The history of this building was quite troubled because the settlers did not want to sell their land to build a non-puritan church. The church, in fact, was to be a Catholic, Catholic place of worship just like the king who wanted to build it. After several adventures, however, the king found a free land in a public cemetery where he saw his wish fulfilled.

9. TEA PARTY BOSTON MUSEUM: It is said that it was one of the causes of the American War of Independence, and it is said that to flow It was a group of young Americans who sivestì from Indians and once salutes on English ships threw tons of tea into the river ..I’ve been there, and I must say that the museum (very small) the moored ship and the little shop deserve to be visited!!

10. CELTICS AND RED SOX: EVERYONE knows that for Americans two sports are very important baseball and basketball ,and Boston boasts two great teams in this, Baseball the much-loved Red Sox, the team has always been in mayor league, the team was founded in 1901 and has won hundreds of prizes and championships ..

But I want to say you only one thing, from my heart to all of you, travel is a moment for ourselves to feel good, Don’t follow the words of tourist guides, travel bloggers, journalists or those who have said that trip before you, as I suggest you, too, mark the places that are really worth seeing, and organize your trip like experienced travelers and enjoy every second every second .. every corner and breathe deeply the air around you .. so you’ll love all the places you visit.


Perhaps the only most anticipated fashion show in the world .. the only day when even the most beautiful woman feels a monster compared to Victoria’s angels. Obviously I’m talking about the Victoria’s Secret fashion show, this year the location is that of the origins dating back to 1995, Hotel Plaza, but if for the most famous brand in the world of underwear is a return to the roots, for someone else is the end of an era, announcing his retirement just last night, Adriana Lima says goodbye to angel wings.

The show held almost completely secret until the last moment was magnificent. Starting from the Pink Carpet, where celebrities from all over have paraded, and the famous mothers of the last angels, Hadid sisters and Kendall Jenner,
the show also saw the presentation of Mary Katrantzou’s first collection for VS.Obviously everyone knows that during the parade there are bands, singers and others who accompany the girls along the catwalk, yesterday it was the turn of Rita Ora, Shawn Mendes ,The StrutsTo quote the most famous ones. The models are obviously so many and beautiful, even if every year too thin comments, there were the veterans Adriana Lima Candice Swanepoel Barbara Pavlin and Sara Sampaio, the newcomers Stella Maxwell Winnie Warlow Gigi and Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner and many others, like the wife of the Maroon 5 frontman who, just a few months after the birth of the second daughter, was more informative than before (shocking).

Now the gallery..