Men and Chat

For a short time .. four months, I was enrolled in a chat, to meet people, actually promises to make you meet the love of your life, but what I can assure you and that you almost always know only human cases … I admit that I also met a very kind gentle person and I will not talk to you, I only tell you that he can give hopes to the world when we say that gentlemen do not exist, it is not true..Going back to human cases, I can tell you that there are three categories of men in the chat..

1. THE DISGUSTING: they are the ones that often start the chat rocket starting, and saying things pushed as a beginning, they present themselves as super gifted, personally from certain subjects it is better to stay away

2THE “ONLY FOR SEX”: This category, very similar to the first one is slightly more disgusting because many times, indeed always, there are married men and boyfriends, and here I tell you about one who called himself (angel’s face) who already there .. forget it, one night writes me:

-hi …… You have really beautiful eyes

so far nothing to say, then ask me my real name shows up and tells me where it comes from ..everything is ok, we talk almost an hour, of our hobbies, the common passion for travel, it seemed almost a perfect man ..until he tells me .. but are you a blow and away?thing? are you kidding? keep calm if not I can seem sour or hysterical. . and I ask him why he asked me such a direct question, and he tells me about his ordeal .. poor innocent little poop .. 🤢🤮

This “man” was married for four years with the wife he had met at the university 8 years before, so if math does not deceive me it is about 12 years that poor woman is staying with him, and now that they are married and have had a child (2 years this little angel) he has understood not to love her, but since she for the love of her son had given up her career as a lawyer .. he was afraid to leave her not to lose her underwear so she was there chatting for a simple night of madness .. with nothing to claim ..after a laugh written in large letters, I told him how disgusting and how much he makes me, and I asked him why? why marry a person and then go with others …after having blocked it, I asked the “computer” that does research for you, a man without children and not married .. not even a widower (many invent deceased wives to catch)

2. EGOCENTRICS: We know it is one of the best qualities of men, and when they start they do not know how to happened to me a case where, we talked about travels and photographs and started a monologue that never ended, to read what he had written I took 4 minutes (counted) talking about his passion for travel, that he knows how to organize everything in the smallest detail, which is a very good photographer, but it’s only for hobby, that every place is a different achievement, I’m talking about women,that women when they see it melt like ice lollies, who has a physical gym without doing gym and eating everything he likes (I admit I got a damn bastard you and your metabolism fast)after a while I realized that he was the only one who spoke, and that only he was talking about him .. I wondered how and I say with a hand on my heart how it is possible for us women to come across such specimens without throwing a punch at them nose?

3. DISCRIMINATORS: They are those beings that when they start a chat, they start with why here? the answer could be easy and painful, so you understand that maybe it falls into the previous categories and you pull the hand meet new people, is the most popular answer, the problem is the counter answers, comments, that many times if the type seems interesting overflows .. as the computer technician, the computer said we had 9 points out of 10 in common, in practice the man of my life, love the quiet evenings, beer-type night with friends, lover of jazz travel, of all that I liked in 9 points out of 10 .. it was from WOW right away, we started asking questions , or rather I seemed to be at a quiz, then started with phrases like, not just a job for women, it is not normal to have only male friends, it is not normal for a woman to travel alone .. and I started IS NOT NORMAL THAT I AM CHATTING WITH YOU!

the categories are many, but I would end up writing a book rather than a post, so I conclude by saying that men do not go chatting to find the woman of their life, or their best friend .. NO! Men take advantage of the vulnerability and the need to be loved by many women, men when they look at a profile, they do not read what you carefully write down in detail, the men look at the picture, if you’re just an average beauty, if you have a profile photo that almost can not be seen, then no you are to be discarded, if then they see the one that as a photo sells its merchandise then yes! because what they want is just an adventure, just take you to bed, it does not matter that after you will suffer for them, many do not care!and do not listen to the friend who tells you that her cousin has met a man in the chat and now they are married and live happily ever after, LIARS! a real man, is not courted but courts, a real man does not write you that will do unforgettable things and then after two minutes sleep fatigue .. a real man if he loves his woman does not go looking for adventures in chat .. a true man .. to find them!


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