Why beard is sexy?

Ok, sometimes I like to talk (write) on my blog about the men style, working in a restaurant where neighborhood is all fashion offices, is not possible not to notice the male looks of the customers … many times they are disappointed by the bad taste of the people but those are details, and talking about details .. I want to talk about something that distinguishes the man from the boy .. for centuries now!!


YES! always, men grow their beard to look more virile and masculine, rather than straight like a kid, and yet not everyone is fine, as a phrase read on Facebook says the beard does not work miracles, if you’re handsome, you’re beautiful with or without beard!

True! But why for all women (I did a survey) even if you can not look at the man with a beard is sexy to die for? and I do not speak of goatee or mustache, I speak of a beard that while talking with you constantly touches .. if there is something that I find sexy in a man and when he speaks he strokes his beard.. Soo sexy.But it is also true, that many bearded men take it off then they are not that great, I have many friends and colleagues who have a beard, but obviously there is what is good with and without, and what instead is almost without unwatchable..

Below now a rundown of men (famous) with a beard .. so you will understand why ..

Jason Momoa
Kit Harrington
David Beckham
Zayn Malik
Gerard Butler
Chris Hemsworth
Michael Huisman
Hugh Jackman
Tom Hardy


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