This is not consent

in Ireland, after a girl has suffered sexual violence, it has also been subjected to psychological violence, who should defend it, the girl looked for it! that sleazy phrase, more than violence itself, it is not possible that in a world where the evolution of machines is going at the speed of light, the evolution of the human race is going to regress.
it is not possible that we are in 2018, and if a woman is abused, she must be told that she looked for it, because she wore a miniskirt, a tight-fitting trousers, a deep neckline or even the loincloth, I, a woman, must feel free to be able to wear anything you want, because that does not give consent or right to a beast to take advantage of me.I am with the movement #thisisnotconsent and I am close to all the women who have had to suffer this great and humiliating wrong after the agonizing pain of sexual violence … and to those who have this thought of saying that women are looking for her, you are accomplice and animal exactly like who does sexual violence.



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