Yes! I know, it is a very strong title, but put yourself in the shoes of who every day, every damn day, from the soul for everything, family friends work and colleagues (even if nobody deserves it) and then what you receive in return is , teases, disappointments, insults, offenses and many times stabbed as if nothing had happened.

So I analyzed the last 32 years and six months of my life, the last 11846 days of my life, and maybe I understood where I’m wrong .. I stress maybe I’m not so sure..

I hope this will be of help and support for all those who read,learn how to treat people as you are, do not show your feelings but above all your weaknesses, people even those who have your own blood, of your weaknesses will take advantage as a shark with a little fish..yes, because people do not care about trampling or using your feelings, even when you’ve given them their best, almost life … they’ll throw you in the basket like a little ball of paper, do not trust those who trust you … below draws you into its own trap, do not trust who tells you I love you, because it is ready to ask you something when you say “me too” trust only yourselves, your instincts and your strength .. because to be strong to be safe, we do not need false people who tell us, but of real evidence, of people who are close to us without asking nothing to expect.

I have understood in all this time, that I have taken it for granted that if you show affection you will receive it, and it is not true! to show affection, today is seen as a sign of weakness .. I understood that if you give the soul to some people these are there to mock you and make you feel silly and object to use at will.

then I remembered a period of my life that runs from 2003 to 2006 the 3 best years of my life, because I did not worry about anyone, because I had almost definitely closed with everyone I knew, because I understood that something was not went the right way, because I realized that as soon as I became attached I was stabbed, used .. after three years I met the university gang, and that their friends made me fall into a chasm from which I thought I would never go out again, being used and thrown just like nothing was hurts, and makes you build a wall around so you can not be destroyed anymore, from 2011 I opened my eyes, and I realized that I would never have to attach more to anyone, this up to 2016, when I thought I had finally found my balance among the people, but no! this was again a gesture on my part misinterpreted, people never love you just for the pleasure of loving, but because they want something .. for this and only for this I adjure you, do not become attached to anyone who enters your life , but only to those who love you primarily for what you are, and then without asking for anything in return.



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