Men’s fashion week

the men’s fashion week, more and more muted compared to that of women’s fashion, there are like for the woman double dates January for the season a / wee June for the spring summer of the following year, obviously men’s fashion attracts less respect fashionable woman, however, does however discuss, for the looks a little too shocking, or for the elegance and elegance of classic and casual style of most of the houses, personally I like it and I prefer it, for others it may seem monotonous …But I am of the opinion that a man in denim and one-color t-shirt is the sexiest thing ever seen, that a man is elegant with a classic trousers and a sweater, or a blue shirt with rolled up sleeves, that the simplest man is more beautiful to look at, deep hate for men with leggings unless you are Roberto Bolle and you have to try a ballet, I hate the long-sleeved dress shirts .. and I would love to ask the wearer why? the turns are from NO COMMENT, and the slippers with fur are from extradition! Having said that, all in all, even if not very acclaimed, the men’s fashion week kicked off the fashion shows! In Paris Haute couture from all over the world parades with the most beautiful collections … in less than ten days it’s up to NY with ready-to-wear … in the meantime, here are some of the men’s fashion week looks from the four fashion capitals. .



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