Adieu Monsieur Karl

This week, for the fashion world , marked the end of an era, Monsieur Karl Lagerfeld died this week, on Monday at the age of 85 years.

For half a century Karl has been an illuminist of the fashion world, helping maisons like century Chloe to re-emerge and aim for the top.He has joined the one who is world myth for a century , with Gabrielle Bouvier aka Coco Chanel, side by side until the 1983 when he take her place at the direction of the house after the departure of Madame Coco, and all those who love fashion as me, will not even forget a look, an accessory anything of all his collections!

Before of Chanel , arrived 4 sisters of Italian fashion world, Fendi sisters, who gave him the rule of creative director of maison until now..the last collection has been presented thisnweek, on thursday in Milano at Fendi showroom with all hisnyoung muses touched to wear his last collection.

His passion fro drawing , fotography , for art has led him over the years, to create their own advertising campaigns , to create woderful locations for their fashion shows , when never forget Chanel athmosphere as the missile to shoot in space at the Grand Palais, the Eiffel Tower that was breaking the roof or the beach with sea always at Grand Palais for Chanel, for Fendi was been pure magic the show at Trevi Fountain with the crystal catwalk on fountain.

Over the years, he has captivated and dressed hundreds if not thousands of hollywood stars, has created photographic services with reality stars (Kardashian uou know?) And has collected muses that have worn the most beautiful creations that today weep for him as if the had lost a father. . In this days at MFW i saw many models sad, many magazine director be sad and curious in the same time, we can say that the world of fashion will be not the same without Karl Lagerfeld, as he would have said, (i lived my life I’m not afraid) because he was like this. . He was unique , rigid , lover of luxury and beautiful things , sarcastic.. and i could not stop, because when you start to describe a character like that of Karl Lagerfeld don’t finish the words .. he was all. . And no one might be like him.. rest in peace Karl Lagerfeld maestro of great fashion!

Good morning..

This morning I woke up with one thought, the roadmap of my next trip, I will go in California next month , I am thrilled about it, because all this trip for me are a real challenge to myself.
I can’t wait to share new photos of my next trips.. this year I want to do the madness of travel many place of #unitedstates maybe can be difficult but I can do!
At start of all no one can believe that I can travel alone, but I do ,and with only my strength ,my fear.. but with heart full of joy .. I don’t know what life deserve to me, but I want to travel so much.. I want to visit all place of the world.. before that day I could say.. I would have liked to do..
I was born in a little reality, and I saw my parents make sacrifices from my first day of life.. every day that I feel sad, angry, confused about the choices made, disappointed by life, I think of what they have done to bring me where I am now. That’s why I set as a goal to travel, because they have revolutionized their lives to see me happy, and after many attempts I finally found my happiness … even if they are scared they have accepted and support me, they are enchanted by the stories that I report on my return and trust me blindly.and this is also why I took the burden of doing everything to avoid any kind of flapping, and now I solve their problems … it’s a kind of thanks for believing in me, and giving me the freedom of choice, and the freedom to fulfill my dreams.