Good morning..

This morning I woke up with one thought, the roadmap of my next trip, I will go in California next month , I am thrilled about it, because all this trip for me are a real challenge to myself.
I can’t wait to share new photos of my next trips.. this year I want to do the madness of travel many place of #unitedstates maybe can be difficult but I can do!
At start of all no one can believe that I can travel alone, but I do ,and with only my strength ,my fear.. but with heart full of joy .. I don’t know what life deserve to me, but I want to travel so much.. I want to visit all place of the world.. before that day I could say.. I would have liked to do..
I was born in a little reality, and I saw my parents make sacrifices from my first day of life.. every day that I feel sad, angry, confused about the choices made, disappointed by life, I think of what they have done to bring me where I am now. That’s why I set as a goal to travel, because they have revolutionized their lives to see me happy, and after many attempts I finally found my happiness … even if they are scared they have accepted and support me, they are enchanted by the stories that I report on my return and trust me blindly.and this is also why I took the burden of doing everything to avoid any kind of flapping, and now I solve their problems … it’s a kind of thanks for believing in me, and giving me the freedom of choice, and the freedom to fulfill my dreams.


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