The world need to be.. feminist!

Feminist is not fashion thing or a mood ,is a moviment for the rights of all women in world , unfortunately in the world there are still people who think they can decide for us women, who thinks that our place is at home looking the children, that we cannot do male work, and no! We are the engine of the world, we are the force of life, we procreate and work hard, we do not complain and we never give up! we are perspicacious determined and dreamers at the same time, and it is thanks to us if many men find themselves where they are now, for years personally I have been told, shut up you cannot understand, or they are things that you women can never do, and I today at 33 years old I reply .. fucked up! and to those women who think that in order to move forward to live, to have something more out of life they need men who “keep” them I say open your eyes .. and believe a little more in yourself!<br>
Politicians want to tell us if and how to live our lives, they want to tell us that if we are raped is our fault, that being a female must be taxed for the good of the country, I say , they say a bunch of crap! A nation like the United States cannot yet have many states that prohibit abortion in the event of rape !! a state like Italy that tries to catch up with other great nations how can it not abolish the tax on sanitary napkins? why can’t you create a law that prohibits child brides? why does no one want because if a woman denounces a violent companion we have to wait for her to die and not even be given justice? get on our side? why doesn’t politics want to be on the side of women?


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