Dear me.. happy birthday

Time flies quickly, it seems like yesterday that I was among the school desks .. with my messed-up head that I was daydreaming about how I would be and where I would be for my 30 years, the first disappointments, the first tears shed for false friendships and wrong loves, how many times .. so much I go to live in Milan .. only thing really happened..I dreamed of being a flight stewardess, a stylist, a child psychologist, a personal stylist or a manager … but never being a mother even if this desire has always been there, but little expressed ..I’m twenty years old I met the depression, the real one, which leads you to isolation and self-destruction, I saw the rebirth, mine, on many occasions where I thought I would never have made it .. I met the fear, that of losing my parents, I have known the apprehension that I have always avoided them, but lately it is often in my life , I have known many joys after so much pain .. people who used me but also people who brought me back to life.. so, my best wishes to me, that I saw and endured everything, that I laughed, cried and I got excited, best wishes to these 33 years .. working on the next goals!!



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