Love Is love

Love has many colors, it has no shape and has no sex .. love is that wonderful thing that makes you feel emptiness in your head and butterflies in your stomach .. love is unconditionally loving another person, and these feelings are the same for everyone! In the month of gay pride, many children who were not loved by their parents died in Italy. They were those that the state and bigots called normal families, so normal that a father killed his two-year-old daughter because he did not accept separation from his mother. another beaten up his eight-month-old daughter because he wanted the son, a couple starved their daughter because they didn’t want to give food, others wanted to kill their disabled daughter because a monster .. many mothers they have not saved their children’s lives out of fear or even out of love for their partner and not for their child! my grandmother used to say that many times the lord gives the bread to those who don’t have the teeth to eat it, I think we are just a people in ruins, the gay couples they want to adopt are mocked humiliated and publicly condemned because they are not human, it is immoral, it is immoral, it is against the will of God to have two parents of the same sex, when in the end the only important thing for children is not if they have two mothers or two dads, but it is love! I have many gay friends and I am proud of them because they didn’t hide because they fought and still struggle for their rights … and many times I’m sick of reading news of homophobic bullying, which has led many kids to suicide, or even many fools who go so far as to beat and torture the unlucky just for “fun”

my thoughts, my speech today is for those who have overcome fears and come out, to those boys and girls who are no longer there because they have not endured all the suffering, humiliations and weaknesses, to those parents who supported their children , to those who at the beginning were not easy, but then they got used, to those who were hard to accept such a great thing, but who for their children’s sake support them.

and the suggestion I can give them is to be strong, fight for your rights, love and care what people can tell you, and judge you, be yourself and continue to love and love as you are, because it is only by respecting yourself can you say to be loved..


People do not know what the word depression means, or rather they do not want to know, for many it is better to keep away the depressed, they are a bit like lepers ..

I discovered this symptom at 15 and lived for two and a half years, if it is a disease? Yes it is! Because you let yourself go day by day, you close yourself, you marginalize yourself .. and you start not wanting to conceive the world! Unfortunately with these symptoms there are also boys and girls who have reached the limit until taking their own life, I have tried only twice, the first went wrong because I just scratched, the second stopped me my mother, and it was with the second time that in a way I found the strength to be reborn and to laugh again, they were the two darkest years of my life, where the only thing that gave me excitement was to be alone in the dark staring at the ceiling, where the tears they went down without there being a reason, where my already dark natural eyes were found to be blacked out without energy .. they were the two years where all those who seemed friends turned away for the “being strange” remained only two people to demonstrate a bit of affection and attention one was then my best friend and the other was my mother, the only one who understood that something was wrong, but instead of telling me to recover, just long faces or something else sweets and made me participate in things s ol to get me out of my room ..

People think that depression is just a moment of whim, there are others that justify not wanting to do things with depression, but not so .. depression is like walking on a carpet of nails in a tunnel with no light , depression is getting out of bed only and exclusively because forced, it is going to work and when then you get dizzy and nausea, give yourself a shot on the stomach and say go quickly and pretend to be engaged but not remembering anything but you’re doing it .. and coming home crying for no reason, but only for the relief of being out and staying in bed staring into space until the first light of dawn ..

We cannot judge those who suffer these symptoms and only those who know them really know how to recognize them .. only those who suffer in first person can understand the rest only silence ..

Il buio..

La gente non sa cosa significa la parola depressione ,o meglio non vuole saperlo, per molti è meglio tenere alla larga i depressi, sono un po’ come i lebbrosi..

Io ho scoperto questo sintomo a 15 anni e vi ho vissuto per due anni e mezzo, se è una malattia? Si lo è! Perché ti lasci andare giorno per giorno, ti chiudi , ti emargini .. e inizi a non voler concepire il mondo! Purtroppo con questi sintomi ci sono anche ragazzi e ragazze che sono arrivati al limite fino a togliersi la vita, io ci ho provato solo due volte ,la prima è andata male perché mi sono solo graffiata ,la seconda mi fermò mia madre, e fu con la seconda volta che in un qual modo trovai la forza di rinascere e tornare a ridere, furono i due anni più buii della mia vita , dove l’unica cosa che mi dava emozione era stare al buio da sola fissando il soffitto, dove le lacrime scendevano senza che ce ne fosse motivo , dove i miei occhi già scuri naturali si trovavano ad essere neri spenti senza energia.. sono stati i due anni dove tutti quelli che sembravano amici si allontanarono per il “essere strano” rimasero solo due persone a dimostrare un po’ di affetto e attenzione uno era l’allora mio migliore amico e l’altra era mia madre, l’unica che capì che c’era qualcosa che non andava, ma invece di dirmi riprenditi ,basta musi lunghi o altro mi faceva dolci e mi rendeva partecipe in cose solo per farmi uscire dalla mia stanza ..

La gente pensa che la depressione sia solo un momento di capriccio, ci sono altri che giustificano la non voglia di fare le cose con la depressione ,ma non e così.. la depressione è come camminare su un tappeto di chiodi in un tunnel senza luce ,la depressione è scendere dal letto solo ed esclusivamente perché costretti , è andare a lavoro e quando poi arrivi avere le vertigini e la nausea, darti un colpo sullo stomaco e dire vai passa in fretta e fingere di impegnarsi ma non ricordare niente di quello che si sta facendo.. e tornare a casa piangendo senza motivo ,ma solo per il sollievo di essere uscita e stare nel letto a fissare il vuoto fino alle prime luci dell’alba..

Non si può giudicare chi soffre questi sintomi e solo chi li conosce veramente sa riconoscerli .. solo chi soffre in prima persona può capire il resto solo silenzio..

job and machismo..

machismo and catering, have always been hand in hand, it has always been defined as a “male” job and if they took women to work it was either for cash or for reception or for washing dishes, I work in this world for the past 14 years .., I’ve seen every, and the solution to everything I saw was always the same, it’s a totally sexist job! the female waitress is not good because the dishes are raised?!? (are you kidding?) the woman has to be a hostess, possibly without brains and with a nice presence to put in front to welcome customers and turn on the lust (but we are at the drive in ?!) but then if you have to run then the speeches begin evil like “girls like her are only good at one thing ..” what to what you hired her for?but over the years in addition to seeing this disparity between is “ugly” but works well with is “beautiful” but can not do anything you take the second to make the scene and the same thing is done with customers, many beautiful women and not vulgar are not considered in any way compared to the vulgar customers who enter a place, and this happens everywhere, but only in Italy (I could almost say fortunately)but over the years in addition to seeing this disparity between is “ugly” but works well with is “beautiful” but can not do anything you take the second to make the scene and the same thing is done with customers, many beautiful women and not vulgar are not considered in any way compared to the vulgar customers who enter a place, and this happens everywhere, but only in Italy (I could almost say fortunately) because I happened to see how “ugly” girls entered a room where I was at dinner (and I saw this in Rome, Venice, Verona, Marina di Pietrasanta … besides my Milan) that were looking for work and were first treated as poor things and then once they were out, they would tear up the curriculum accompanying the gesture with a “but where wants to go this bad thing ” and it is bad to see these things, it is bad to see girls who are not hired because they do not reflect the canons of beauty (but the skills?) this phenomenon is obviously not present only with the restaurant but a little ‘everywhere .. in many Italian shops see orders that know nothing of what they are doing but are there because they have a beautiful presence ..the word Meritocracy in Italy has never had an important meaning because if they don’t look at the beauty, you can rest assured that you look at the degrees of kinship with friends and acquaintances, frankly I think that with this mentality Italy will always be the bottom of many many nations .. because if 10 out of 10 employees who do not work, you have 5 who work in the economy, you do it by focusing on the five who work and not vice versa, I have seen in cities like London New York Chicago girls and boys who maybe according to some were not cute , but they work like crazy and they produced well for the company where they worked, and to improve we should just take an example from them …


When heart and eyes..are tired …

in life we make choices, that in the beginning seem right, after a while they seem to be imposed and after a while they still seem like a condemnation .. you don’t want it when you feel that the sentence becomes claustrophobic, the air is missing, you always have a headache, you of stomach, you feel sad, confused you wonder why you have to stay like this, when you surrendered, think back to the fact that it took you almost all your life to learn to love you and allow people to let you sink …sink into something that makes us too vulnerable, that makes us too attentive to every little detail .. and you see the injustices, the malice .. the wickedness .. take shape! the form of who you have always admired, the example you were trying to follow, and you begin to look at it, with those eyes, those tired of a tired heart,so to understand that you were wrong! to trust to believe in that talk of life expert when in reality he never understood anything about life..that all those fake lessons served to make you understand that the so-called people like me must stay in his place, that no matter how unjust it is important that it is good for the master .. concepts that do not give me the nerve as a girl, and now still not I understood why … I almost gave up, what I want to tell you is that we all have brains and it’s a hundred times better to reason with our own, and to say what we think does not make us a bad person, but a person of character determined this world where, you have to shut up because you are female, because you are not the entrepreneur, because you are inferior .. well I’m bored! I’m getting tired of this choice!

A week end in East Italy

Trieste is a beautiful Italian city that is located in Friuli Venezia Giulia .. yes that region is almost attached to Slovenia, that region with three names and nobody the other day was able to explain to me why it was so called .. until today when I asked to a very nice carabiniere (not only for the ways) and he told me why, because it comes from the Latin comes from Forum Julii that is the city of the Giulia family is an important Roman family that among its welcomes Giulio Cesare. Venezia Giulia always combines the name of the Giulia family to that of the ancient inhabitants of this region the Venetians.You all know that when my birthday comes, I always leave a few days, this year for long itineraries, that is March in San Francisco August Los Angeles and November New York, I decided to stay at home, initially I didn’t want to go anywhere but then I thought about how many times I said I wanted to see Trieste, the city I fell in love with for following the RAI fiction, “the red door” I remember when they were shooting from above or showing places in particular .. me I’m already in love watching it on TV, I wanted the confirmation up close .. and what a good opportunity if I don’t leave my birthday weekend? shoulder bag on Saturday morning at 8 am I left by train, or rather two trains, but those are details I avoid. being only for one night I booked at the Savoia Executive Trieste hotel, the oldest hotel in Trieste, a night there if not properly booked could give you an eye, I knew it was five star and that the so-called standard rooms would have been much higher levels than other bookings so as soon as I arrive they tell me that at the same cost they gave me an executive on the first floor because a whole floor had been occupied for a congress .. obviously if I didn’t have to spend money why not? then load some photos of the room .. so you see with your eyes, however one thing that I always look at when I leave (wherever I go) is the location of the hotel, I always go to the central part, the historic center so as not to be too uncomfortable especially for the evening! my hotel in Trieste was 4 minutes walk from Piazza d’unit and the Audace pier, but for better or worse it had almost all the nearby attractions, to move even better and make sure I saw everything in two days, I made a ticket for the famous hop on tours, the buses that take you to see the main attractions! by now I don’t travel without booking my ticket on Get your Guide (I’ll leave you the link later) there are so many things to see, I suggest you book the tour but also prepare a sort of map with must-sees! do not miss the castles (Trieste is famous for its castles) walks at the pier, and countless statues!here are some of the wonderful places I’ve seen ..

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