I am a realized woman..

once they asked me what made me happy .. and what made me a realized woman .. you got it right! because my happiness raised doubts .. as well as my being single, for many I had something to hide, for others I was afraid of facing life, for me it has always been a lifestyle choice! I don’t run after people, I can’t do it, and this is true in love as in friendship … I have always fallen in love with the wrong people, people who later proved to be exploiters of the situation, the various disappointments brought a distrust in the human race and a huge fear in relating to the next .. now I have two friends and that’s it, the heart is buried at the bottom of the depths of the sea like Dave Johns de The pirates of the caribbean .. I have never hidden the desire to become a mother and I’m not afraid challenges .. even if over the years seeing me mom always seems too far away, I’m giving priority to myself .. dedicating myself more to my ego and my passions living traveling, the average increases gradually and the trips leave only wonderful memories in me. many may see it as a form of selfishness but not so .. because when you spend your life taking care of all the people around you, you reach a point that you want to find your freedom first and then realize yourself as a woman … and if I feel like a woman realized even without children, because my realization is synonymous with independence! I have been happily independent for 14 years now ..



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