Today from Syria only bad news arrives, the attacks of Turkey with justification “to defeat ISIS” even if to me it seems only a mass devastation of the Kurdish people, in many today as always blamed the United States, which always according to many have supplied the guns to the Turks, Europe that thinks only of how many poor people will come to “bother”, Italy and the nearby coasts that are already counting on how much money will enter the coffers, which make money first skin of poor people, and then pretend not to want them!
My thoughts on this affair are aimed at two things, the first, the millions of children who die, who risk their lives on those damned boats, which are rejected by other nations and which are denied their rights to live a better future. And the second thought goes to those who have made it a trade in the struggle for rights, which has made them kill just this morning, the really bad thing and which they talk about very little in the news, Hevrin Khalaf, was killed two days ago in an ambush, and in the worst way you can know, the car you were traveling on was targeted, by hundreds of bullets, the driver and his bodyguard died instantly, instead she was dragged out from the car raped and stoned.

A violent death, and one that does not wish on anyone, but the young activist was annoying to many, because those who put themselves in the front row, to fight for human rights, especially those of women, annoys many, and so does you enter into the hearts of all others, because Hevrin Khalaf, just 35 years old, was loved not only by the women of his people, but from many nations he admired his work, and his work, he entered politics, and he did not deal only with of women’s rights, but of peaceful coexistence between Kurds and Syrian Christians, say that the attack was claimed by ISIS exponents, and many want to make people believe this considering that it was a non-believer according to them. Everything after Erdogan attacks the Syria to “defeat terrorism” I don’t know much about their politics, but I can only say that Hevrin died unjustly, and that people who do not have many people who expose themselves for their rights, lost someone really important.. someone who gave her life for her people.. rest in peace Hevrin !


International girls day

Every day in the world, millions of girls wake up and face their days in ways that we can’t even imagine, every day in the world these girls face wars, hunger, violence … and their only thought is “I hope to survive” their routine changes very little, unfortunately, because they have no right, they have no voice …

Every day in the world there are girls who are forced to marriages combined with men much older than them, without their will, forced by the families that sell them for a few pennies, and for many the only way to survive is to die .. for no one does anything, for them no one cries and says that we need to improve the world .. they are news that unfortunately are mentioned in the background ..

every day in the world, the “good” one where there are no physical but media wars, the one where we have “emancipated” there are girls, who come to terms with the pros and cons of mediation, there are girls who every day are humiliated by their appearance, humiliated at school, at work, and at home because they must feel inferior .. they must be inferior!

Every day in the world there are girls who dream big, but who have to come to terms with a fairly clear reality .. “you are female and you can’t do it” Every day in the world there are women who are humiliated if they have no children and humiliated women if they can’t keep a family going, and women who go out of their way for the family but are humiliated by the society that considers them just simple “housewives”

every day millions of women, girls and boys have to deal with a sexist, retrograde, and unfavorable world, every day they have to fight for their rights and they don’t always succeed .. the right to be Female, to be a girl, to be little girl .. and my goal is to work on this for the future of my niece and all the girls who deserve a better world!

do you really know the meaning of the word discrimination?

today At work I had to reflect a lot on the word DISCRIMINATION, and on the fact that many men don’t know the meaning at all..I think that many people who do not know the true meaning boast of false knowledge .. I happened to have to hear that because the reason for the dismissal was communicated to a person, citing as a cause the failure to make private life and work coincide of the person has made an abuse of discrimination such as to scare people .. and be afraid of being cited .. and even after half an hour of these speeches .. I had to attend a real discriminatory scene .. when two lesbian girls they started kissing,”make them sit back and not see that the children could have been scared.. Whaaaaaaat?!? I was appalled, I knew that catering was one of the most discriminating, sexist environments.. in fact many times I would like to scream, I would like to go away .. because I don’t feel at ease with certain mentalities, many times instead I feel as if I had to fight for the rights of others .. but in the meantime I take gastritis is love, it does not matter in what form, no matter if he or she or two is important .. it is that there is love .. if children teach respect and love they will certainly not be scared as you say .. but they will grow good and loving adults ..!We are in 2020, we buy phones that cost $ 1000, but we criticize those who travel, we are in 2020 and there is still sexist DISCRIMINATION on the physical presence at work, but we worry about people who deserve dismissals because they are unable to work .. we are in 2020 and you are fat you cannot consider yourself as equal to others .. you cannot wear dresses or skirts because they are inappropriate! we are in 2020, and if you are good in your work you get “kicked in the face” you are treated badly by everyone and paid little, but if you are one who does nothing, you are praised, paid well and you can take for the bottom who does more of you!

So I wonder .. but do you really know the word Discrimination? or do you use it at random to show the people or your subordinates that you sometimes shout with new words? I want to reiterate that:








I hope that people start to think before talking.. this is not discrimination but common sense!

Mfw: Milan is always the Queen of the party..

Yes! Everyone knows how much I love NY, I say it all the time, everywhere, but on one thing I am convinced .. and that is that Milan, even if by choice of a New Yorker it is not proclaimed the capital of fashion, it is surely the queen! nothing to take away from the great and talented American designers, but ours are worldwide, Armani, Ferretti, Fendi, Dolce and Gabbana, Gucci, Prada or Ferragamo and many others … when on an American Red carpet, you hear the diva say I wear a Italian dress .. then you understand that we are the holiday makers who support everything! Sorry to Anna Wintour, a woman that I admire so much but I love Italian fashion the most .. As for the wonderful collections, of course there are those who stand out more, some even if not present on the calendar of the National Chamber of Fashion, he managed to steal the show from many, those who had to prove that even without the legendary Karl he was still an important name … well I start from this, the Maison Fendi, has shown that even without Karl Lagerfeld he still has so much to say, and he did it in the best way!

The collections for next spring / summer 2020 have all been wonderful, many inspired by the 70s, many ultra-colored, the return of shoulder pads, jackets, trench coats, and suits, of all shapes and colors!the floral prints by Versace, which paid tribute to the dress worn 20 years ago by Jennifer Lopez at the Grammys, and those by D&G that literally enchanted me, the serious looks of Max Mara against the whimsical looks of Moschino, but also the too understated elegance of Armani, against the boho Chic style of Alberta Ferretti, Milan to my mind has triumphed .. presenting the most beautiful collections!

Good things take time…

Maybe yes, maybe not, because we dreamers, we put our heart and soul into everything we believe in, but …

how much we are willing to wait ..?

personally I am undecided about the answer, for many things I have waited and I still wait a long time, for others I am “hungry for knowledge”

love, friendship, realization as a woman … how much are we willing to wait for all this? I can say that if now I have lost hope in love, if I see only negativity in the word love it is precisely because I waited for something beautiful to come, something that was worth all this waiting … instead waiting I could see and notice things in others that I for me I do not want .. I wanted something that maybe does not exist.I am waiting for something unreal, for the love that you see in the movies, in the friendships you see in the movies, you dream too much and travel a lot of imagination, that’s why I get real trips in my travels, ten days away from everything and everyone, where if you know someone you carry it in your heart but you don’t expect anything because you will be far away 7000 km after ten days however, you have lived every moment .. I often lose hopes in the world and in the human race, but with the same quickness I tell myself .. it will come, the right moment, the right person, the right way, slowly things will go the right way .. I am a dreamer and I want to believe .. to believe in an impossible love, in an unlikely future and so much more because this is me and this is my way of seeing the world..