Good things take time…

Maybe yes, maybe not, because we dreamers, we put our heart and soul into everything we believe in, but …

how much we are willing to wait ..?

personally I am undecided about the answer, for many things I have waited and I still wait a long time, for others I am “hungry for knowledge”

love, friendship, realization as a woman … how much are we willing to wait for all this? I can say that if now I have lost hope in love, if I see only negativity in the word love it is precisely because I waited for something beautiful to come, something that was worth all this waiting … instead waiting I could see and notice things in others that I for me I do not want .. I wanted something that maybe does not exist.I am waiting for something unreal, for the love that you see in the movies, in the friendships you see in the movies, you dream too much and travel a lot of imagination, that’s why I get real trips in my travels, ten days away from everything and everyone, where if you know someone you carry it in your heart but you don’t expect anything because you will be far away 7000 km after ten days however, you have lived every moment .. I often lose hopes in the world and in the human race, but with the same quickness I tell myself .. it will come, the right moment, the right person, the right way, slowly things will go the right way .. I am a dreamer and I want to believe .. to believe in an impossible love, in an unlikely future and so much more because this is me and this is my way of seeing the world..


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