Mfw: Milan is always the Queen of the party..

Yes! Everyone knows how much I love NY, I say it all the time, everywhere, but on one thing I am convinced .. and that is that Milan, even if by choice of a New Yorker it is not proclaimed the capital of fashion, it is surely the queen! nothing to take away from the great and talented American designers, but ours are worldwide, Armani, Ferretti, Fendi, Dolce and Gabbana, Gucci, Prada or Ferragamo and many others … when on an American Red carpet, you hear the diva say I wear a Italian dress .. then you understand that we are the holiday makers who support everything! Sorry to Anna Wintour, a woman that I admire so much but I love Italian fashion the most .. As for the wonderful collections, of course there are those who stand out more, some even if not present on the calendar of the National Chamber of Fashion, he managed to steal the show from many, those who had to prove that even without the legendary Karl he was still an important name … well I start from this, the Maison Fendi, has shown that even without Karl Lagerfeld he still has so much to say, and he did it in the best way!

The collections for next spring / summer 2020 have all been wonderful, many inspired by the 70s, many ultra-colored, the return of shoulder pads, jackets, trench coats, and suits, of all shapes and colors!the floral prints by Versace, which paid tribute to the dress worn 20 years ago by Jennifer Lopez at the Grammys, and those by D&G that literally enchanted me, the serious looks of Max Mara against the whimsical looks of Moschino, but also the too understated elegance of Armani, against the boho Chic style of Alberta Ferretti, Milan to my mind has triumphed .. presenting the most beautiful collections!



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