International girls day

Every day in the world, millions of girls wake up and face their days in ways that we can’t even imagine, every day in the world these girls face wars, hunger, violence … and their only thought is “I hope to survive” their routine changes very little, unfortunately, because they have no right, they have no voice …

Every day in the world there are girls who are forced to marriages combined with men much older than them, without their will, forced by the families that sell them for a few pennies, and for many the only way to survive is to die .. for no one does anything, for them no one cries and says that we need to improve the world .. they are news that unfortunately are mentioned in the background ..

every day in the world, the “good” one where there are no physical but media wars, the one where we have “emancipated” there are girls, who come to terms with the pros and cons of mediation, there are girls who every day are humiliated by their appearance, humiliated at school, at work, and at home because they must feel inferior .. they must be inferior!

Every day in the world there are girls who dream big, but who have to come to terms with a fairly clear reality .. “you are female and you can’t do it” Every day in the world there are women who are humiliated if they have no children and humiliated women if they can’t keep a family going, and women who go out of their way for the family but are humiliated by the society that considers them just simple “housewives”

every day millions of women, girls and boys have to deal with a sexist, retrograde, and unfavorable world, every day they have to fight for their rights and they don’t always succeed .. the right to be Female, to be a girl, to be little girl .. and my goal is to work on this for the future of my niece and all the girls who deserve a better world!



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