My American dream

I was about 10 years old, the first time I told my mother that I wanted to go to NY, with growing up it became an obsession, I studied the history of the United States so much that I think I know it better than an American .. I fulfilled my dream for the first time in March 2013, my first crossing overseas with a flight with a stopover that lasted 12 hours, arrived in New York was 10.30 at night, I remember every moment of arrival from the welcome of the policeman to passport checks, a boy about 35 years of Puerto Rican origins, the African American lady, with beautiful nails that when I told her she was very happy, the Russian taxi driver , the only crazy person I’ve met in my NYC travels, about the taxi stopped outside at JFK.I remember when I arrived at the hotel that was on 42nd and 2nd Street, I remember when I entered the room and looked out the window, the tears of joy, the palpitations, the night in white and the adrenaline for the whole week .. but when I returned to Milan I felt that something, I went back to NY 3 more times after that and in 21 days I go back there again … it’s the place I’ve always dreamed of since I was little, to move there, to live NY as a New Yorker, but I wanted more .. and I made it in 2017, when I promised myself that before my 40 (oh my God I’m missing 7 years) to visit all of the United States, a challenge with myself, a promise, a gift … because in the end it’s not just NY that interested me, but the United States. So on November 27th 2017 I faced my fears and anxieties and booked for Chicago, I had already done a tour in Washington, the previous year and I wanted even more, I spent 5 wonderful days in the city of Illinois for then moving to NY and Boston, the period was Thanksgiving, under Christmas so I found myself living the Christmas lights of 3 wonderful cities .. since then I have not stopped I was in San Francisco in Los Angeles, San Diego and between 21 days you return to NY and I will discover Philadelphia I am so excited every preparation everything is going well, the hotels in the two cities are booked and the things to do are so many and I can’t wait, I created this blog to share love for a nation so big and wonderful .. with its pros and cons like every country, the United States of America! I create this new blog on Tumblr (ilmiosognoamericano) and I hope you can follow and share with me your opinion .



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