human cases and how to avoid them..

I’m 33 years old, and a magnet for human cases, be it love, friends or colleagues!
Even today, I am fighting against the RE of human cases, the one who I thought was my friend, instead he turned out to be false and above all bad! The bad people usually recognize them and push them away immediately, he managed to get into my head and heart, using me as much as he could, and then humiliate me when I no longer needed the services.People like this, that I will call the Tuttologo, that is the one who believes he knows everything but in reality he knows nothing! They exist and even too many, they pretend to be your friends, they pretend to keep us, and in the meantime you try to solve all the problems of their existence, they become almost fundamental people in your life, you feel that you can trust, you feel that basically they are the best people ever known, and then when they reveal themselves, well of course you feel like shit!Becoming attached to such people seriously harms health, because they can make you feel useless, good for nothing, from night to morning, they treat you like doormats, for them you have never been anything, but when they tell you or make you understand it is the ugliest way I can use, plateatico, like boors.I’m really sick these days, because being attacked and attacked for no reason is bad, but no longer wanting to cry for unpleasant beings like this I’m suffering from insomnia and stomach ache! wow !!So I decided that you have to figure out who to avoid in your life, if you don’t want to feel bad like me ..

The false friends, first and foremost, those who invite you to go out because they know that you will pay like a fool, those who make you share in their conquests, but in reality it is only a way of telling you, “I am better than you”These are the ones who really hurt, those who destroy you, who love to see you collapse knowing they were them,who laugh at you behind your back, and talk about you with the same people who came to criticize with you.Then there are those of part, those who put themselves with those who suit them, the convenient ones, those who see you one day as their best friend, and the next day they criticize you for things they don’t even know.But human cases expand like oil stains, you find them everywhere, you find them in people you believed the love of your life, what would have changed your life, with him dreams of traveling the world, of living free where you love both, and then after they leave you overnight without explanation, people are bad and trusting their neighbors today becomes really difficult,and human cases are also in the family, with those relatives who first smile at you and then criticize you from behind, those who exploit you for your stupid fragility and then after you have to say thank you, human cases hold up the world of work, especially in the environment like mine, that of catering, where men complain more than women, where most of them betray their wife as a hobby, where not paying debts becomes a fad, where if you work so much you are underpaid and criticized, and if not you do nothing, you are lent and paid more, where the customer makes the discounts because it goes like this,human cases are also those colleagues who if they don’t like to come to work tell you today I have a headache and shortly after they publish their photos of carefree days on social media .. I personally have full boxes, boxes and even the stock! I came to the conclusion that in order to avoid human cases I have to isolate myself, I have come to the conclusion that to avoid human cases I must avoid trusting people, fake I love you, and pretend you are my friend, fake my cousin, sister or daughter is number one,because the moment you do it .. you lose yourself for the love of false people ..

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