The earth is rebelling, and there was no need for people to come out on TV to tell us, the Amazonia burns, the california idem, now Australia, italy trembles, floods and sinks .. and many other places in the world they suffer tzunami and other natural catastrophes, there is no more to say we pray for this or that place, but we must pray for ourselves … for the salvation of our children’s future,The other day on TV, they were fighting because they talk more about Venice, a wonderful city in northern Italy, which is sinking under the waters of the Grand Canal, and not of Matera, elected city of culture 2019, where its cobblestone streets have become rivers in full, usual political skirmishes north to south, But there was not even much talk of the earthquake that touched the city of Aquila in recent days, because it did not cause victims,Instead of thinking about safeguarding such a beautiful but fragile nation like Italy, politics starts campaigning.and unfortunately this happens a little everywhere, like in California with fires or in Florida with the Hurricane, did you know that Trump wants to build a barrier in the middle of the ocean if he is re-elected?unfortunately, that our beloved land is slowly dying, many do not care, because we look at the present and a not too distant future .. we use all this only for electoral purposes, so instead of praying for Los Angeles, Australia Venice or Matera. .. pray for yourself …because only with your strength, your courage, your commitment can you save your land ..pianeta-terra-1170x878




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