Three days in Philadelphia

Philadelphia, is a beautiful city that should be visited especially to learn about the history of the United States of America, the nation was born here, the constitution of the United States was born here, here was signed the document of declaration of the right to vote of women .. America was born here, and slavery was fought!

to visit the old town, that is the center of the city, you only need 3 days, the first thing to know is that all the museums close at 5pm, this means that you have to organize the visits you want to do well, Cinematographically speaking, Philadelphia is famous for Rocky films, I have to say that many people unfortunately only know about it but forget it.
DAY 1:we start from there the tour also because what many people know as the Rocky’s steps, are the 72 steps that lead to the Philadelphia Museum of arts, from here up to the view you can visit a beautiful museum!

I suggest you then to walk back and walk along the Benjamin Franklin pdkwy, flanked by flags from all over the world and surrounded by all the museums,I went to visit the Rodin Museum, the cost was 5 dollars, there are also notebooks where you can draw and the artist’s most beautiful works.

as the Thinker Man, the Kiss, Joan of Arc and many other sculptures .. in the same area there are the Franklin Institute, better known as the Science Museum,a ticket for general admission costs $ 23 you can choose tickets with one or more exhibition and the cost is obviously higher.

and practically opposite we find the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University, we finish the tour in this street with the parkway central library, a wonderful library,it can only be visited by tour and guide, who do every hour until 4 front of it you will find a beautiful statue dedicated to William Shakespeare.

now that the Franklin Road is finished you find yourself in front of a beautiful cathedral, Saints Peter and Paul, the city’s main Catholic Christian place of worship, the church was built in 1846 and finished in 1864, it is inspired by the Sant’Ambrogio of Rome, and it is in neo-renaissance style, in this church two Pope have visited, Pope John Paul II and the current Pope Francis, the visit is Free and deserve to be visited because is really beautiful.

the cathedral, overlooking Logan Square which is in turn surrounded by two parks, Aviator park and sister cities park, always descending into what I have dubbed the avenue of flags, where all the flags of the world are displayed in alphabetical order, we find two other beautiful parks, cret park e Levy park,finally we arrive in JFK plaza, where we find the Philly city hall and love park,the city hall, is a beautiful building, in Napoleonic style, built between 1871 and 1901, its tower with William Penn at the top, it is 167 meters high, for a short period thanks to the fall of a part of the mole was the highest tower in the world (1953-1960) at the time it cost only 24 million dollars the construction of the building that has always been used as the town hall, it really deserves a visit ..

I was there with the opening of the Christmas markets, the one at the love park, and the one at the Dillworth Plaza right in front of the city hall, where they also inaugurated the lights of the tree (I was there)since all the stalls close at 7pm, I advise you to get there around 6pm, so that you can enjoy the last hour more quietly, there are some nice little shops in these markets, which are worth a stop

since almost all the shops close at 7pm, then I suggest you finish your day at Macy’s, this place is great for shopping and especially if like me you’ll leave in winter it’s warm and welcoming , obviously you have to do a dinner .. and for this I suggest at least once to have dinner at Hard Rock Cafe, food is really delicious and people who work there are all really nice and gently ..

Day 2

As I said at start ,Philly is one of the most historical city ,
And for the second day I want to suggest to start from the Independence hall,this building, located on Chestnut Street between the fifth and sixth, is known and worth a visit because the independence of the United States was discussed here, on 4 July 1776 the declaration of independence of the state was signed, but in itself it is a place full of history and important events, after having been the seat of the federal government for some years, before it was moved to Washington, here in 1918 Masaryk proclaimed from here the independence of Slovakia, and always here on the 4th July 1962, John Fitzgerald Kennedy made his speech to the nation on independence day you can visit this only with a tour ,and ticket you have to buy at Independence visitor center, so I suggest you to start from National constitution museum ,, where America of the past meets that of the present, where you can see the battles for human rights, all the presidents of the United States, from the first to the last ..After the visit to the National constitution museum, which will cost you $ 15 start at the Visitor center and buy the ticket for the visit to the Independence hall, at this point crossed the road and enter the liberty Bell, known as the OLD STATE HOUSE OF BELL, is perhaps the symbol with greater significance with regard to the American Revolution, which arrived in Philadelphia in 1752, was used on 4 July 1776 to call all citizens to the streets to listen to the reading of the Constitution of the United States of America, and in 1837 it became the symbol of abolitionism when it was played to decree the end of slavery ..
deserves to be visited, and admired intact with its famous crack is perhaps the most successful symbol for the American this point, you can visit the Independence hall, which includes a beautiful park .. the building and the American philosophical society, the Carpenter’s hall, the American Revolution Museum, and the Benjamin Franklin Museum .. all wonderful places that make us understand very, very much on the history of the United States..

to finish this wonderful day, I suggest you go to the One liberty observatory, from up there the view of Philly is extraordinary..the cost is $ 15 and you will not regret this experience ..

Day 3

where the first American flag was sewn, your last day will begin, Betsy Ross house, in pure colonial style, now a museum, was the home where Betsy Ross, seamstress and seamstress from Philadelphia, where the US government was then housed. It is said that he repaired President George Washington’s clothes.

who commissioned the United States flag, I also say that he wanted 6-pointed stars, but the seamstress opted for 5.. her story is fascinating and perplexed a young woman who was very quickly widowed, who married 3 times, who traveled the world, who hosted Washington and Franklin at the same time in her house … who created the symbol of true American patriotism, the flag, the cost of the ticket to visit the house is $ 5, very beautiful, with young girls playing the role of Betsy and her washerwoman

I love Philly ,is really quite and beautiful, I learn many things about this city and story of United States,from Betsy Ross house head towards Elfreth’s alley a small street in British style, the English colonial style in this residential street has not disappeared, I suggest you visit it, but I recommend respect for those who live there, so no chaos, respect the people who live there, and you will see that if you cross them on the street they will smile at you ..

you will fall in love with this little street in the center of Philly, and you will dream for a moment of living there, always continue on the second Ave, and at 147 you will find the fireman’s hall museum, the job of the fireman, you must know that the job of the fireman it is very much esteemed, and the museum dedicated to them is worth a visit .. after the museum you go to visit the zoo of Philadelphia, you can arrive in many ways, by tourist means, the Megabus, and the bus 15, the zoo say it is among the most beautiful in the united states, surely if you go with children this place will like it very much! but also adults will be delighted ..

Now is time of shopping, and nothing is better of Market street, here you can find many outlet as ROSS DRESS FOR LESS or TJ MAXX ,CENTURY 21, and BURLINGTON ,I can assure you, if like me you love shopping, you will go crazy, I gave Christmas presents to the whole family,if you love makeup then go to Ulta beauty and fill the trolleys with the best possible products!

As much as I love the United States, I prefer a sweet breakfast with a simple cappuccino and croissant, so if you haven’t booked a hotel including breakfast (which is almost impossible) I suggest you rely on Starbucks, and especially for Italians, don’t be skeptical the cappuccino and Starbucks Milk are delicious !! for lunches you have many choices especially in the food hall, places where Philly is very full, The bourse of which I have already spoken offers many choices but also the Franklin’s table food hall that is located near the university, here you will find many choices like sushi, pizza hamburgers and much more. . in the evening for dinner, since the food hall closes at 7 pm, not really a tourist’s time, but there are many restaurants, which close between 10 pm and 11 pm, there are Hard rock cafés, where I ate a cheesesteak Philadelphia really very good, the bank and Bourbon or Iron Hill brewery,here you can eat and drink the most delicious steaks and bears or wines..

This is my trip in Philly ,this city has captured my heart and I hope one day to go back .. I hope to be able to make you fall in love with this city and have encouraged you to think of a trip to the city of brotherhood ..