Today for Europe is the day of remembrance, the day when 75 years ago, the gates of Auschwitz were opened, the day on which the few survivors of the holocaust were freed, the day on which the Shoah is remembered, the extermination mass of the Jews, the day when the world became aware of the horror of the concentration camps, of the tortures, of the crematoria, of the children killed … the children! Today we are in 2020, and what we celebrate there are children who still live it … in different forms, but live wars and mass exterminations, in tortured places like Syria, they are starving and are without drinking water as in Africa, there are millions of children who live every day to survive, live a life without childhood, without a smile, hundreds of refugee camps exist every day in the world in tortured countries where they are forced to live to escape the horrors of their countries.
We fought to free the world from the Nazis, but we are unable to end these havoc, and give a NORMAL life to the children in the world.

Rest in peace Kobe and Gigi Bryant 💔

I’m not a fan of the Lakers, but I follow the NBA, and I’m a fan of beautiful families, and this I’ve always thought of Bryant’s, Kobe and Vanessa with their beautiful girls have often shown that success and a happy family can travel on the same track, Kobe as a former champion but above all as a man he still had a lot to give .. he was a great champion, he made millions of young people from all over the world passionate about the game of basketball, he left only wonderful memories in the lovers of this sport, and he will miss everyone, Lakers fans and not ..the news today became even sadder when they communicated that Gigi the second beautiful daughter of Kobe and Vanessa was with her dad on that damned helicopter .. it’s sad to know how a girl who dreamed of becoming like her dad, her idol, she dreamed of becoming a champion and she was really good .. and it’s sad to know that her life was broken so suddenly she still had a lot to give ..

kobe (41) and Gigi (13) bryant

Hello 2020

5 days have already passed since the beginning of the new year .. life seems to go slowly only when negative things happen .. time is flying .. it seems yesterday when I got drunk on the sofa waiting for midnight on the other side of the ocean ..  it seems yesterday when in Italy at midnight for the first time in 33 years I did not cry .. it seems yesterday when just before closing 2019 I closed with those who disappoint me .. it seems yesterday when I was in NY instead today today is a month that I came back..Strange but true, this is the first time that I do not make resolutions for the new year, as if I already knew how it ends .. things if I already knew what this new year will bring me .. or this new decade .. in fact something  I know … I know I’m going to be an aunt for the second time, that little George’s long distance adoption plan ends this year I know where I’m going to travel this year, I already know all the mange, I already know who’s going to be there for me  year and who will not go away ..I already know that there will be many tears, many laughs and an accumulation of memories for the next few years .. I already know that I will work even more on my personal life project .. because the more time passes, the more I believe in it!I already know that for all the sad days, for all the problems, for all the anxieties and fears I will have to rely only on myself .. and I already know that I must learn to trust people less (as the previous years teach)and since I know practically everything I just have to get comfortable and wait for the shooting of this new drama to begin .. welcome new Decade..

Happy new Year