Hello 2020

5 days have already passed since the beginning of the new year .. life seems to go slowly only when negative things happen .. time is flying .. it seems yesterday when I got drunk on the sofa waiting for midnight on the other side of the ocean ..  it seems yesterday when in Italy at midnight for the first time in 33 years I did not cry .. it seems yesterday when just before closing 2019 I closed with those who disappoint me .. it seems yesterday when I was in NY instead today today is a month that I came back..Strange but true, this is the first time that I do not make resolutions for the new year, as if I already knew how it ends .. things if I already knew what this new year will bring me .. or this new decade .. in fact something  I know … I know I’m going to be an aunt for the second time, that little George’s long distance adoption plan ends this year I know where I’m going to travel this year, I already know all the mange, I already know who’s going to be there for me  year and who will not go away ..I already know that there will be many tears, many laughs and an accumulation of memories for the next few years .. I already know that I will work even more on my personal life project .. because the more time passes, the more I believe in it!I already know that for all the sad days, for all the problems, for all the anxieties and fears I will have to rely only on myself .. and I already know that I must learn to trust people less (as the previous years teach)and since I know practically everything I just have to get comfortable and wait for the shooting of this new drama to begin .. welcome new Decade..

Happy new Year


In 2007 I created the blog COCOFASHIONBLOGGER, to share with everyone my love for fashion, over the years, I began to share my passion for travel, my opinions on very important topics, such as feminism , racism politics and more.. so after 10 years, I decided to close something that for me was more than a hobby, always inspired by a true myth for me the legendary Coco Chanel, I kept in the name Coco and talking about everything I love I created THE FABULOUS WORLD OF COCO, I hope you like it.


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