Today for Europe is the day of remembrance, the day when 75 years ago, the gates of Auschwitz were opened, the day on which the few survivors of the holocaust were freed, the day on which the Shoah is remembered, the extermination mass of the Jews, the day when the world became aware of the horror of the concentration camps, of the tortures, of the crematoria, of the children killed … the children! Today we are in 2020, and what we celebrate there are children who still live it … in different forms, but live wars and mass exterminations, in tortured places like Syria, they are starving and are without drinking water as in Africa, there are millions of children who live every day to survive, live a life without childhood, without a smile, hundreds of refugee camps exist every day in the world in tortured countries where they are forced to live to escape the horrors of their countries.
We fought to free the world from the Nazis, but we are unable to end these havoc, and give a NORMAL life to the children in the world.



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