The beginning of 2020 was perhaps the worst of the past 30 years, between threats of the third world war

and corona virus, the virus that has brought one of the largest powers in the world, China, to its knees,

and is now scaring the whole world Italy in the first place, the Italians are the most affected people, even if for now there are only 374 cases and 12 deaths, nothing compared to China, just thinking about what happened in Italy these days, supermarkets taken from assault and quarantined cities, northern Italy brought to its knees, even economically, the Italians looked at in a strange way and rejected by other countries, this could also be a sort of life lesson for us Italians, which lately we let ourselves be dragged by those political speeches where they incite hatred. The number of infected grows, and unfortunately also of the deceased, for us Italians after it will not be easy but I sincerely hope that everything will be done as soon as possible .. for the infected, for the economy of this nation and to be able to return to travel as soon as possible..



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