In these days of quarantine, we must absolutely keep busy to distract the mind, and do something so that there are no strange ideas of walking around on the street ..

So these days, in addition to having done the manicure ten times, I started to tidy up the tidying up the closet, I discovered that I have a problem with shopping, I have clothes that I don’t know when I will be able to wear .. but I’m fashionable

Another thing I did, are dozens of face masks, peel off every day,

and while I was taking care of my skin, from the impurities of junk food and too much makeup..I thought about my passion for Makeup, more than passion I would call it obsession ..

So I decided to write here a list of must have for a perfect makeup routine!!Every morning you have to take care of your skin based on the type you have, I have an oily skin, so every morning I apply a nivea matte effect cream that corrects blackheads!for the morning I always recommend a Natural look, then a thread of setting powder a, tone on tone, a little mascara and gloss to always be perfect!

if you want to create more elaborate make-up, I recommend you use palette with perfect tones for your complexion, otherwise you risk making a mess, so if like me, you have the slightly apologetic shade, or at least warm, where to use warm colors like these..

Urban decay naked Honey
Fenty eyeshadow n.1

For the lips ,remember an important rule if you tread your eyes a lot then use light-colored lipsticks or glosses, nude, if instead the make-up is light .. well then dare! red, fire red lips are gorgeous! and perfect for everyone !!

Fenty beauty
Huda beauty

My must have in Makeup are :

Huda beauty obsessions for amazing eyes!! ♥️
Fenty beauty for a glamour makeup 😍
My little passion…
A great obsession !!

How you can see, I have a real obsession for Make-up, and in time I have tested many products, good and not, magnificent colors and others a little less. . those who say they are long lasting are not. I am .. so here I will list my must-haves so if you want to do some online shopping in these days of mandatory quarantine you know what to buy ..

Full frontal mascara by Fenty Beauty

This is absolutely my favorite in this moment, my lashes are beautiful and long perfect for a great make-up

Bad gal Bang By Benifit cosmetics

This is the best Mascara I’ve ever bought, perfect, comb your lashes perfectly thanks to the brush!!

Better than sex by Too Faced

I love this, because when I apply this my eyes are intense and look is so magnetic !

The second thing that I love so much for the makeup are foundations ,I have oily skin,so I need to work with a foundation who give me a matte effect ,and I have my three best !

Too faced- Fenty Beauty- makeupforever

these are the best foundations I’ve ever used .. the first one that is too faced, the Born this way, is not a matte effect, but makes the effect so natural that it seems that nothing has been applied, the second is the soft matte foundation of Fenty Beauty perfect because the effect is guaranteed! And then there is the ultra HD foundation, the Forever Make-up is not matte, moisturizing but does not leave a shiny effect ..

a lady I met in a diner in Hollywood, the thing that must never be missing in a woman’s bag is lipstick, she also told me that her friend of many years ago said that better than a man you spoil the lipstick and not mascara, so always bring one with you .. I always carry one with me, and it goes according to my makeup of the day ..I have a record box one hundred between lipsticks and liquid gloss.. I love and I use all of them.. but my favorite are absolutely these..

Huda beauty liquid and Demi Matte
Super stay matte ink of Maybelline NewYork

Of Maybelline I have a big collection this only one of these .. I love it because is a great Long lasting liquid matte lipstick..

Huda beauty lipstick

This is a part of my collection and things that I believe you must have for a perfect beautiful make-up .

Stay tuned on my IG for more photos and reviews about makeup and all cosmetics


I am so sad..I know this city, And i love It so much.. living in Italy I knew that this thing could happening in all around the world.. and looking photos of my two beautiful cities empty is really unbearable, because this war that the whole world is fighting does not have a physical enemy .. and it is the worst thing ever, because this destroys first our physical health, and then subsequently also the mental one .. and I’m afraid, I’m afraid  to see that Milan will not get up, that my nation cannot do it .. but I am afraid also for the whole world and for my beloved New York ..I was born to travel .. and every year in the end I always go back to NY because it’s like a need, the need to be where I’m fine .. where I’m happy .. when on TV they talk about what’s going on in the world I cry, because  when you know what you fight and easier to win .. and then I think of who lost against Covid19, who is fighting it fighting with all their strength, what will happen after when all this is over, who will suffer most in  all over the world, in the western nations surely ordinary people who already make the leaps to get by, after the state will give him the welcome back to freedom, to those who already live in disaster situations like Iran and other nations perpetually at war.  to the countries where they were already starving now the covid devours them … nobody went to see if they needed oxygen fans .. why?why nobody talks about third world countries?  why nobody talks about India?  why nobody names those countries that are already martyred and afterwards they will be even more?

San Francisco
New Orleans
New York

Everything gonna be alright

Here in Milan, we are in compulsory quarantine since Tuesday, it is now 4 days, in the morning I wake up, and it always seems Sunday, the head seems in a witness program, so I decided to write how to deal with this Mandatory Quarantine together, let’s start with positive thinking , I know, sounds crazy, but who says we can’t study the next trip even if we don’t know the dates? how about instead of drawing? write or read?

let’s start by saying that enduring these situations in a group is really difficult because after 4 days that you always see the same faces, the fire lights up in the stomach, so even if we are at home with other people, take some time just for you.

BEAUTY CARE: How many times have you wanted to try some cream mask or anything else but you haven’t been able to do it in time?
WELL! let it !!

How much do you spend on average at the hairdresser for color, bleaching or highlights? I do it alone at home, I started three days ago, a total discoloration, I will go back to work blonde!And the nails? I spent the average of 35 euros per month, now with the kit at home I do everything myself. Today I worked on my nails and it took me two or two hours, time flies that we don’t even notice it and we saved a little bit of money, which doesn’t hurt right?One thing I love is writing, so if you have this passion too, do it, because time goes by which is a wonder ..One thing that I love is writing, so if you have this passion too, do it, because time passes which is a wonder .. if instead your passions are other, cultivate them to the people you love, read, I still had many books to start and I have already finished one, look at old printed photos, make sweets or creative dishes .. time will pass and we will go back to travel, to go out, to run about and down the city, we will return to meet new places or people .. have patience, we are making a sacrifice that is for all of us. For the health of our whole Italy and beyond!

Pray for Italy..

Italy is experiencing a really difficult situation, which in the era of the new generations, in the era of virtual intelligence .. we have turned into pandemonium, yes because if instead of paying attention to all the things they write on the web and many newspapers poor, you stopped to listen to the only sensible voice in this situation, that of the doctors, who from the first day said to stay at home and live “less” social life now we would not have arrived at the famous “red zone” that was not still decreed, but that thanks to the draft released on the web has finished creating panic and alarmism, so much so that everyone runs to the station to leave for their own homes of origin .. because you never know that we can no longer go down … But you are serious? The only positive thing about this evening could be the money pocketed by the state railways (maybe we put some tracks around Italy) from March 9 maybe Lombardy is proclaimed a Red area, I say maybe because the draft has not yet been approved , and stopping a region like Lombardy means stopping 70% of the national economy, so it is not an easy decision to make especially if you have to think about who and how to protect companies. Red zone means that the Lombardy Region, as said a lady interviewed in the station tonight will keep us “prisoners” for less than 30 days, because it will not be possible to leave and enter the Region .. the rules will remain the same as the aggregation centers, for those who do not know they are Museums, Churches, gyms, cinemas and schools will remain closed, instead activities such as BAR RESTAURANTS AND SHOPPING CENTERS will be open! Because we can pick up coffee at the table in the bar in the square, but we only have to be a damn meter away! Pizza with friends if we are in good health we can go and eat it, these places will also have to comply with the rules to ensure that I’m having a bad time .. they didn’t say to barricade us at home to say the Rosary, but to live a little more regulated! It is useless for you to buy the amuchina if you do not wash your hands, just to be clear .. we have trampled on the work that thousands of doctors and nurses have been doing for weeks now, has brought the virus out of Italy and throughout the Italy because we had to go .. as a hardened traveler I say that we have only increased the risk for the Italian population to catch the virus by not being able to break it down and we have brought our economy to its knees .. a nation that already lives in crisis we have catapulted it into a dangerous tunnel for many small businesses .. my thoughts today go to the doctors and I fully agree with the phrase of Elisabetta Soglio, and the thoughts also rest on all those businesses that will face and are already facing difficult moments, full of fear. we will overcome it and come back stronger than before.. be strong Italy !

Coronavirus in Italia..

l’Italia sta vivendo una situazione davvero difficile, che nell’era delle nuove generazioni ,nell’era dell’intelligenza virtuale.. abbiamo trasformato in pandemonio, si perché se invece di dare retta a tutte le cose che scrivono sul web e molti giornaletti scadenti, vi fermavate ad ascoltare l’unica voce sensata in questa situazione ,quella dei medici, che dal primo giorno hanno detto di stare a casa e vivere “meno” vita sociale ora non saremmo arrivati alla famosa “zona rossa” che non è stata ancora decretata, ma che grazie alla bozza uscita sul web ha finito di creare panico e allarmismo, tanto da correre tutti in stazione per partire per le proprie case di origini.. perché si sa mai che non possiamo più andare giù… Ma siete seri? L’unica cosa positiva di questa serata potrebbero essere i soldi intascati da ferrovie dello stato (forse sistemiamo qualche binario in giro per l’Italia) dal 9 marzo forse la Lombardia viene proclamata zona Rossa, dico forse perché la bozza non è stata ancora approvata ,e fermare una regione come la Lombardia significa fermare l’70% dell’economia nazionale, quindi non è una decisione facile da prendere specie se poi bisogna pensare a chi e come tutelare le aziende.. Zona rossa significa che la Regione Lombardia ,come ha detto una signora intervistata in stazione stasera ci terrà “prigionieri”per meno di 30 giorni, perché non si potrà ne uscire e ne entrare dalla Regione.. le norme resteranno le stesse i centri di aggregazione ,per chi non lo sapesse sono Musei,Chiese, palestre,Cinema e Scuole resteranno chiuse, invece attività come BAR RISTORANTI E CENTRI COMMERCIALI ,saranno aperti! Perché il caffè al tavolo possiamo andarlo a prendere nel bar della piazzetta, ma dobbiamo stare solo ad un maledetto metro di distanza! La pizza con le amiche se stiamo bene di salute possiamo andare a mangiarla, questi luoghi dovranno rispettare anch’essi le norme per far si che sto periodo brutto passi.. non hanno detto di barricarci in casa a dire il Rosario, ma di vivere un po’ più regolati! È inutile che ti compri l’amuchina se poi non ti lavi le mani,giusto per intenderci.. abbiamo calpestato il lavoro che migliaia di medici e infermieri stanno facendo ormai da settimane, abbia portato il virus fuori dall’Italia e per tutta l’Italia perché dovevamo andare.. da viaggiatrice incallita dico che abbiamo solo aumentato il rischio per la popolazione italiana di prendere il virus diffondendolo non potendolo abbattere e abbiamo messo in ginocchio la nostra economia.. una nazione che già vive nella crisi l’abbiamo catapultata in un tunnel pericoloso per molte piccole imprese.. il mio pensiero oggi va ai medici e condivido in pieno la frase di Elisabetta Soglio ,e il pensiero si posa anche su tutte quelle imprese che affronteranno e stanno già affrontando momenti difficili,e pieni di paura.. la supereremo e torneremo più forti di prima #FORZAMILANO #FORZALOMBARDIA #PRAYFORITALY