Everything gonna be alright

Here in Milan, we are in compulsory quarantine since Tuesday, it is now 4 days, in the morning I wake up, and it always seems Sunday, the head seems in a witness program, so I decided to write how to deal with this Mandatory Quarantine together, let’s start with positive thinking , I know, sounds crazy, but who says we can’t study the next trip even if we don’t know the dates? how about instead of drawing? write or read?

let’s start by saying that enduring these situations in a group is really difficult because after 4 days that you always see the same faces, the fire lights up in the stomach, so even if we are at home with other people, take some time just for you.

BEAUTY CARE: How many times have you wanted to try some cream mask or anything else but you haven’t been able to do it in time?
WELL! let it !!

How much do you spend on average at the hairdresser for color, bleaching or highlights? I do it alone at home, I started three days ago, a total discoloration, I will go back to work blonde!And the nails? I spent the average of 35 euros per month, now with the kit at home I do everything myself. Today I worked on my nails and it took me two or two hours, time flies that we don’t even notice it and we saved a little bit of money, which doesn’t hurt right?One thing I love is writing, so if you have this passion too, do it, because time goes by which is a wonder ..One thing that I love is writing, so if you have this passion too, do it, because time passes which is a wonder .. if instead your passions are other, cultivate them ..talk to the people you love, read, I still had many books to start and I have already finished one, look at old printed photos, make sweets or creative dishes .. time will pass and we will go back to travel, to go out, to run about and down the city, we will return to meet new places or people .. have patience, we are making a sacrifice that is for all of us. For the health of our whole Italy and beyond!


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