I am so sad..I know this city, And i love It so much.. living in Italy I knew that this thing could happening in all around the world.. and looking photos of my two beautiful cities empty is really unbearable, because this war that the whole world is fighting does not have a physical enemy .. and it is the worst thing ever, because this destroys first our physical health, and then subsequently also the mental one .. and I’m afraid, I’m afraid  to see that Milan will not get up, that my nation cannot do it .. but I am afraid also for the whole world and for my beloved New York ..I was born to travel .. and every year in the end I always go back to NY because it’s like a need, the need to be where I’m fine .. where I’m happy .. when on TV they talk about what’s going on in the world I cry, because  when you know what you fight and easier to win .. and then I think of who lost against Covid19, who is fighting it fighting with all their strength, what will happen after when all this is over, who will suffer most in  all over the world, in the western nations surely ordinary people who already make the leaps to get by, after the state will give him the welcome back to freedom, to those who already live in disaster situations like Iran and other nations perpetually at war.  to the countries where they were already starving now the covid devours them … nobody went to see if they needed oxygen fans .. why?why nobody talks about third world countries?  why nobody talks about India?  why nobody names those countries that are already martyred and afterwards they will be even more?

San Francisco
New Orleans
New York


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