Discovering New York..

As everyone knows I love New York, I just finished writing a book .. the hope is to be able to publish it, in the meantime I want to share my knowledge with the city with you .. I will take you to know Chelsea Market today.


located in Midtown, on 15th street, in the heart of the Chelsea district, in what was the old Oreo biscuit factory, today it is a wonderful Food Hall with more than fifty restaurants and shops is a wonderful location that hosts more than six every year millions of visitors, including many tourists,the interior and exterior facade in red brick, with exposed pipes, peeling walls and hanging lamps very vintage and too beautiful. it is typical of this neighborhood, a delight for both the eyes and the palate, you will find anything meat, fresh fish, fruit, ice cream, American and international food,you will love to visit this wonderful Market, here it will take at least a couple of hours for the visit

I visited it one winter evening it was snowing and it was really very cold, but you can always visit it, walking in the evening, in this neighborhood it really is fascinating .. Deciding where to eat in here is really difficult,here I suggest some of the most famous, the best and most accessible where you can have lunch or dinner.
Let’s start with The Lobster place, here you can taste the wonderful lobsters of Maine, perhaps in the famous Lobster roll, a delicious lobster sandwich to be clear, yes the prices are high, the fish in New York is really expensive, but here you will taste it in fast food style, finger food, so the costs are slightly lower than a chic Manhattan restaurant.The second option is entirely Italian, obviously we love pasta from them, and it’s nice to see that many Americans are in love with this cult, the Pasta! And who better than Giovanni Rana, in this restaurant, make delicious fresh pasta with sauces that will satisfy everyone’s tastes,another place to eat a delicious hamburger is Creamline, a fast and informal restaurant located in the iconic Chelsea Market of New York City that serves American classics of agricultural origin, the meat is of a perfect quality, but the rest is not bad either , with twenty dollars you will eat well and well.But there are also Amy’s Bread with its wonderful bread, rolls and muffins, and many others such as Sushi and Tacos, a restaurant that deals only with soups and food from all over the world. The perfect ending, however, is to Ninth Street Espresso,in this bar you can enjoy a delicious Italian espresso,this place is ideal for all lovers of Italian espresso, or caffeinomaniacs like me.

But at Chelsea Market, you can also shop, there are really many shops where to do it.among those that I suggest there is the Chelsea Wine Vault, a beautiful Wine shop, whose decor truly resembles a cellar, there are wines from all over the world, I recommend if you want to try American wines, those of California are exceptional .Li-lac Chocolates is the oldest chocolate house in Manhattan, born in 1923, they produce artisan chocolate, with 140 different types, here you can also taste the famous Marshmallows covered with chocolate, really delicious. There are also several souvenir shops, a bookstore, a flower shop and the famous Anthropologie clothing stores and home decor accessories.



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