Make-up in the spring of Quarantine

Even if we are closed at home, friends, spring has started, a little unusual, since we are in quarantine, but not for this we must give up glamor, as a lover of makeup I could not have spoken of the new Huda palettes and all the colors you can wear in this very strange spring ..

as you will know if you follow me on instagram, I have a real obsession with Huda Beauty, and not only this, I had a look on the site where I buy makeup and I found some really interesting ideas ..pastel colors, colors like pink, silver and yellow .. and more

huda beauty Pastel Obsession

pastel colors, colors like pink, silver and yellow .. and not only, of course, even a nude bronze makeup could be perfect for the first sunny days of spring ..

nude make-up with Eyeliner is always an evergreen the eye becomes sexy and this makeup is perfect in every season.. and then it is perfect for those with big and round eyes, this makeup gives a cat shape to the eyes.

blue and pink, with points of light, this is the perfect look for spring, and to those who say it is only fair to blondes I say NO! If applied well it is a makeup that is good for everyone!

This year pink is the most popular, but candy pink is not good on all cheeks, so opt for warm tones if you are blackberries, and nothing is more beautiful than the Nars blush. Orgasm, I always wondered why they had called so but when I used it the first time I understood it .. it’s sexy, it’s beautiful .. and you must have it!

this winter Fenty Beaty has launched a line of fabulous palettes, they are eight, numbered, and beautiful! I have the numbers 1, 3, 4, and 5 .. the one with the most spring colors surely among mine is the four, but also the two and the eight are perfect for creating spring makeup

I’m not really a lover of liquid glosses, but those of Fenty Beauty are really beautiful, and this year they have added other colors ..

this is my Favorite

when I don’t want to use liquid glosses I rely on Huda Beauty’s liquid lipsticks, I have a lot of them in the spring I love to use colors like red, and Huda has many shades in this, so the coral ones, and bright ones are my favorites. alternatively the nudes are the top!

but this year liquid eyeshadows with sparkling colors are also back in fashion, a sign of a decade that is about to return, the 90s, so if in these days you feel in the mood for shopping or trying colorful and sparkling makeup well do it, even if we are forced home we don’t lose our passions.So if like me , do you love play or work with Make it! We will back to share our looks and makeup for our days out.. for now let’s train! xoxo !



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