Discovering New York: Flushing meadows Corona Park.

Let’s get back to discovering New York, and today I want to talk about a park located in Queens, the Flushing Meadow corona park. It was created as the site of the New York World Fair 1939 and also hosted the 1964 edition and is managed by the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation.
It is the second largest park in the city of New York, and after I have been there I can tell you that I fell in love with it.the park was created from marshy land, the famous “Valley of the Ashes” as it is nicknamed in the book “the great Gatsby”. The site was reclaimed in preparation for the 1939 world exhibition. it was the most expensive exhibition after 1904. It was the first exhibition to be based on the future, with a slogan of “Dawn of a new day” opening, and allowed all visitors to take a look at “the world of tomorrow”.

the site was also used for the 1964 fair, and after the fairs some buildings were used as the headquarters of the United Nations until the venue was moved to Manhattan. But the Flushing Meadow is not only the World Fair, it is much more ..
In the park there is an installation very dear to me .. one of my wishes was to go and see the famous Unisphere.

An image seen in millions of films or TV series, books and large photo books .. when I took this photo it was a November morning, the last of the month and there was a beautiful sunny day ..

In the Flushing Meadow park, there is the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center where the US Open takes place, one of the four world Grand Slams.the central pitch is Arthur Ashe Stadium, the largest in the world for spectators, and the secondary pitch is Louis Armstrong Stadium. Shea Stadium, home of the New York Mets baseball team, is located at the north end of the park

In the park there is a wonderful lake that flows into the Flushing river .. Boats can be rented for rowing and rowing, it is also the site of the annual dragon boat races, and the New York teams train there during the months summer. There are several cycle paths, and countless playgrounds and recreational fields, used for activities that reflect Queens’ vast ethnic mix; football and cricket are especially popular.And the size of the park is also evident from the presence of imposing structures such as the Queen Museum of Art, the New York Hall of Science, the Queens Theater and the Terrace on the Park, a huge elevated structure, which hosts banquets and ceremonies. time many of the buildings built for the fair were demolished and replaced by more modern and recent structures. In 2008 a $ 66.3 million aquatic center was inaugurated, which includes an Olympic-sized indoor swimming pool and a runway skating in accordance with NHL regulations. The facility, used by schools, sports leagues and community members of all ages, is the largest recreation complex in any park in New York City, with an area of approximately 10,220 square meters. The complex includes equipment for the physically disabled

Believe me, when you visit this park you will fall in love with it, New York is not only Manhattan and knowing Queens means knowing the heart of New Yorkers.



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