How many are asking this question? in these days of Lockdown, in these days of city closings, with many nations that don’t support their citizens enough, with a new lifestyle with which we will have to deal.Our lives have changed, we have been and are still being tested. The quarantine at home, without being able to live those lives that for most of us, we detested because monotonous and bland .. We complained about things that we miss so much now, with chaos, work stress .. and those late days with salary .. Now we can say “good times!” While before we complained about our jobs, today most of us pray to be able to get it back after the quarantine. Our freedom has been denied us, no trips, no outings with friends, no cinema, gym or a good pizza .. It all seems so surreal, at the beginning I said to myself, oh well, two weeks passes everything, then a month has passed, now 49 days .. and the fear increases, the fear of not being supported by the state, of not being able to reach the end of the month .. the fear of death .. there are many thoughts that go through our heads, I look around and I do nothing but think about the health of my family .. their financial situation .. and I think this is an almost global thought, then I keep thinking, I think of the cities that I have visited, I think of the places that are already as bad as the south Africa, Iran and India, I think of a nation as big as China .. that has paid its mistake too much .. but that will always be held up as the “creator” of the pandemic.The deserted cities, the children stuck in the house without being able to go out, and other children who should stay at home, instead are in the refugee camps where cleaning and security are far from normal life .. Of course the bombs have been placed in quarantine .. at least almost good news .. but how long will it last? Should we hope for them that the quarantine will last as long as possible? when will we go back to normal life instead? and then will it be really normal afterwards? Will everything really return as before? how many psychological victims will this virus do? how hungry around the world? how much fear in relating to the rest of the world? what will happen in a few months?Here every evening with the arrival of midnight all these questions arrive .. all these doubts arrive, so sleep passes .. and I find myself checking my parents while they sleep, my sister .. I look at the photos of the trips and I wonder I’ll be back to my normalcy? I will be able to go on .. I don’t know but wait, wait for all this to pass .. and let’s see, it’s the only thing left for us to do ..


Hi girls, how’s your quarantine going? are you back in freedom? or like me you are at day 49?it is now almost two months .. and in a bit of smart working, my book to be completed, the blog and the video calls with my grandchildren .. I still have some time to devote to beauty care .. Hair, skin nails .. we have how to distract ourselves in this Quarantine from Pandemic.

Waiting to return to our lives .. we certainly can not become monsters .. although in fact a few pounds more unfortunately there is ..but we take it with philosophy .. or we can be angry with ice cream in the freezer.
As I have repeatedly shared on my blog, I love to change hair color .. quiet not those crazy colors ..

which one?

especially in these forty-nine very long days, I bleached my hair .. then I darkened my hair becoming brunette, and then I went back to blonde .. and I don’t know until the end how many changes I will make .. also because not using much makeup .. (with the mask to take the bread also not!) but one thing is certain I cuddle them and take care of them day after day .. wash after wash.

I am addicted to the Pantene line, my hair especially the tips are dehydrated and thinned. So I use hair products that nourish, repair and give volume and shine.Pantene is known for having many lines of products for every hair quality in the file .. the line I use is Pantene regenerates and protects, the schampoo and the cream (or conditioner) make them soft and less damaged to the eye.

Miraculous Ampoules regenerates in a minute. After the first treatment, the hair is soft and silky.
But they are not the only products I use for the care of my hair, another line of products that I think are sensational, is Garnier’s hair food!

For damaged hair I have always used the Papaya mask twice a week, it is 98% natural and perfect for damaged hair, it can be used in three ways. my favorite is after shampooing ten minutes of laying before drying my hair. For a few months I have known about the existence of the Hair food shampoo, and if the effect is the same as the mask, my hair will certainly return wonderful before going back to work.Another phenomenal hair product is CocoBali by Camille Flores Virgin coconut oil. I love it, I apply it in small doses on the lengths, the hair will be shiny and silky.

Pantene Pro-V regenerates and protects
Hair Food Garnier Shampoo and balm
Coco Bali by Camille Flores

Obviously I have told you about damaged hair, the products that I use for my hair .. but for Pantene there are products for dry, oily, anti-dandruff hair, protection 5 against hot water, anti fall .. Pantene is the best Hair product especially when you need specific things!
As for the Hair food line, I wrote about papaya for both the shampoo and the mask .. but also here you can find the banana for dry hair, the aloe for dry hair to be moisturized, the Macadamia to smooth frizzy hair and then papaya for damaged hair.

Discovering New York: Zuccotti Park

This especially during the Christmas season is absolutely my favorite, previously it was called Liberty plaza park, a park three thousand square meters large, located in Lower Manhattan, it was called Liberty Plaza Park because it was located next to One Liberty Plaza, which is located between Broadway, Trinity Place, Liberty Street and Cedar Street. The northwest corner of the park is located across the street from the Four World Trade Center. It has been popular with local tourists and financial operators alike. The park was severely damaged by the September 11 attacks and subsequent recovery efforts in 2001. The square was later used as a venue for numerous commemorative events on the anniversary of the attacks. . After the renovations in 2006, the park was renamed by the current owners, Brookfield Office Properties, after the company president John Zuccotti. In the period from Thanksgiving day until January, it is adorned with many illuminated Christmas trees, the view is magical, and sitting in this park listening to the noise of the city is reflective. Currently, the park has a large variety of trees, granite sidewalks, tables and chairs, as well as lights integrated into the ground that illuminate the area. With its proximity to Ground Zero, the Zuccotti Park is a popular tourist destination. The cross of the World Trade Center, which was previously housed in the Roman Catholic church of San Pietro, was represented in a ceremony held in the Zuccotti Park before being transferred to the 9/11 Memorial. It features three very beautiful sculptures, a gorgeous giant rose , the bronze statue of a businessman from Wall Street sitting on a bench, and a statue in intertwined red beams, very pretty.