Discovering New York: Zuccotti Park

This especially during the Christmas season is absolutely my favorite, previously it was called Liberty plaza park, a park three thousand square meters large, located in Lower Manhattan, it was called Liberty Plaza Park because it was located next to One Liberty Plaza, which is located between Broadway, Trinity Place, Liberty Street and Cedar Street. The northwest corner of the park is located across the street from the Four World Trade Center. It has been popular with local tourists and financial operators alike. The park was severely damaged by the September 11 attacks and subsequent recovery efforts in 2001. The square was later used as a venue for numerous commemorative events on the anniversary of the attacks. . After the renovations in 2006, the park was renamed by the current owners, Brookfield Office Properties, after the company president John Zuccotti. In the period from Thanksgiving day until January, it is adorned with many illuminated Christmas trees, the view is magical, and sitting in this park listening to the noise of the city is reflective. Currently, the park has a large variety of trees, granite sidewalks, tables and chairs, as well as lights integrated into the ground that illuminate the area. With its proximity to Ground Zero, the Zuccotti Park is a popular tourist destination. The cross of the World Trade Center, which was previously housed in the Roman Catholic church of San Pietro, was represented in a ceremony held in the Zuccotti Park before being transferred to the 9/11 Memorial. It features three very beautiful sculptures, a gorgeous giant rose , the bronze statue of a businessman from Wall Street sitting on a bench, and a statue in intertwined red beams, very pretty.



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