We are now in May … slowly the whole world is returning to freedom after the Pandemic that hit us in April, everything will be uphill from now on .. and only “strong legs” will be able to reach the top, but we must to be united, we must all support each other, nothing supports a nation better than its citizens, there is no political, there is no institution, but union, respect and compassion. We are all waiting for our much-loved Freedom, freedom to go back to aperitifs, go to the cinema, go to a pizzeria, go shopping .. The economic crisis for those who have affected everyone so much, for whom little, has really hit everyone .. We have seen Nature flourishing again in our quarantine .. we have seen rivers come back clear, the air cleaning up, the love for our cities, the coexistence with the neighbors that many of us perhaps didn’t even know.We sang, we applauded .. we rejoiced at every recovery, and we cried at every death ..
Today we are starting to come out slowly from our homes, we can meet our families again, some companies have started working again … others are waiting anxiously to start again, each country has its failures on its shoulders. Each nation will bring many deaths on conscience, each nation will bring hundreds of companies that go bankrupt on conscience.What matters is not to forget what happened, not to forget the sacrifice we made, and not only us but also those around us. When you go back to the shops to be shopping, be nice to the shop assistants. When you return to eat out, do not deny a smile to those who serve you, and do not forget that even if small, a tip is a reward that is worth a lot for a waiter and not only economically.When you go out to eat, if something is wrong, do not write it in a review, but compare yourself with the restaurateur, for many of them .. this has been a difficult period, and what is starting will not be better, many may not be able to do it , they may have to leave their employees at home, and above all in the restaurant .. you become like a family, many times you see each other more with employees and collaborators than with your families .. Do not lose the humanity that you have found in these months of quarantine .. if you see a homeless person on the street sleeping, don’t turn away … nothing kills more than judgment and indifference.

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