Like I said several times, I love NY, and I’m not just talking about Manhattan, but about all five Boroughs. Today in this post I will write 5 places that you absolutely must visit. One for each Borough, the choice was difficult, but I hope you like it ..

The boroughs are Manhattan, Queens, Bronx, Brooklyn and Staten Island.
Manhattan is the most famous district, and also the one with most of beautiful and famous attractions. So the choice here was really difficult, what I chose for NY is the point from where you can admire downtown, and uptown, I speak of the Top of the Rock. The Rockefeller Center observatory, the view from here is sensational, I was torn over what to suggest about Manhattan, but I thought about my third trip to Ny, and the first thing I did was seeing the sunset from the Top of the Rock , and that view, it has stuck in my heart and mind .. So if you happen to be in NY for a very short time and are wondering what to visit, well you can’t help but get on the TOTR. It must be said that the terraces from which to admire Ny are many, starting from the famous Empire State Building, but from here you can admire L’empire and Freedom for this I like it, and then the view from the top of Central Park, simply magnificent.

Brooklyn It is the second most famous borough of New York city, famous for the Brooklyn bridge, for the wonderful neighborhoods, for the view of the Manhattan skyline, the wonderful Botanical garden.The Brooklyn must visit is about shopping, and the Williamsburg neighborhood famous for vintage shopping. In this neighborhood there are really many vintage shops, not only of clothing .. you could find real memorabilia. I recommend you if you happen to spend a few hours in NY between shops and beautiful clubs in the area.

Queens is the most multiethnic borough of NY, with the majority of foreign languages spoken, the largest surface borough, and the most populated, where there are two major airports, the famous JFK international and the La Guardia domestic flight airport. , nice neighborhoods, popular neighborhoods and low-cost houses. My must visit to Queens could only be Flushing Meadows Corona Park.

is a park located in the heart of the Queens district, it is the second largest park in New York City, was created in 1939 as the site of the New York world fair, and also hosted the 1964 fair, a surface of five hundred hectares , in this park takes place every August the Us Open tennis tournament in the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center, there are twenty-two tennis courts, the largest, indeed largest in the world is the Arthur Ashe Stadium, instead the second for capacity is the Louis Armstrong, here there is also the New York Mets stadium, the baseball team of the city of New York which is based in Queens, the stadium is called Shea Stadium and has a capacity of fifty-five thousand seats sit, and it is located in the north end of the park, inside the park there is a lake, the Meadow, which flows into the Flushing river, it is possible to rent canoes to go around the lake, they also do tournaments called Dragon Boat, the immensity of this park is evident de from the fact that here besides these two huge stadiums, there is also a Theater, the Queens Theater, but also a very large and extraordinary museum, the Queens Museum of Art, a ceremonial room above elevated, and The most famous unisphere in the world an installation which is located in the center of the park, famous all over the world. I think if you go to NY, you have to spend a few hours visiting this wonderful park in the heart of Queens.

The Bronx, is a neighborhood known to be one of the most criminal Boroughs in NY, many when you arrive in NY will tell you to avoid visiting the Bronx, but do not listen to it, the Bronx is not only crime and dangerous areas, the real and the only dangerous area is the South east Bronx. So it is not fair to categorize this district, a district that since the 80s has been trying in every way to get up, reclaiming and redeveloping parks, museums, neighborhoods .. And my Bronx Must Visit is Arthur Avenue, the real Little Italy of NY , a simple neighborhood with many Italian restaurants, bars and shops. Many visit it every year, and not only Italians but almost all Europeans who love to eat Italian.

We arrived at the last Borough,Staten Island, what many people think is useless to visit, in fact it doesn’t have much to offer for tourists, but there are some really very interesting places, such as the lighthouse museum, the park with a view of Liberty Island and South Manhattan where there is the 9/11 memorial and also other very beautiful parks and the museum of Meucci and Garibaldi, the home of Antonio Meucci who hosted Garibaldi years and years before the latter became the face of the Italian Risorgimento.

Only the trip by ferry to get to Staten Island is a Must to do, a wonderful view of the whole bay .. then in my must visit this I go to Bis just because it is a beautiful Borough that deserves to be visited more often .. quiet , the most residential and economic. A green paradise where you can walk and relax. The first Must visit is the September 11 Memorial. As you know in the Twin Towers, and in the neighboring area worked many people who lived in the neighboring districts, many were from Staten Island.It has the shape of two wings ready to fly to Downtown Manhattan, the north bank is full of beautiful places to visit, especially museums, I recommend you after seeing the memorial, to move to Front Wadsworth from where you can have a beautiful view of the Verrazzano Bridge and visit one of the historic forts that served to protect the port of NY

I hope to have you intrigued .. and that as soon as we can return free to travel you will visit this wonderful city with its beautiful districts.



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