“we will make it because I love New York and New York loves me. New York loves you all. New York loves everyone, that’s why I love New York. And at the end of the day, even if it’s a long day like this, love wins. Always. And it will win again”

Governor Andrew Cuomo

The day you visit New York is the day when your mind and heart open to new horizons, you will fall in love with New York, just because New York will love you madly, From 2013 to 2019, in all my travels, I I felt loved and pampered .. New York is the city of a thousand opportunities, of a thousand lights, of millions of smiles, New York is the city that teaches you to get up after every fall .. it teaches you that after every storm the always returns rainbow.From birth to today, it has suffered great catastrophes, attacks and now even the coronavirus, I am sure of what I am saying, New York will be great again, it will return as roaring as before, it will return chaotic and full of people .. You will feel loved in New York, because Newyork really loves everyone, and you will never feel alone.

“And we’re going to get through it because we are New York, and because we’ve dealt with a lot of things, and because we are smart. You have to be smart to make it in New York. And we are resourceful, and we are showing how resourceful we are. And because we are united, and when you are united, there is nothing you can’t do. And because we are New York tough. We are tough. You have to be tough. This place makes you tough. But it makes you tough in a good way. We’re going to make it because I love New York, and I love New York because New York loves you. “New York loves all of you. Black and white and brown and Asian and short and tall and gay and straight. New York loves everyone. That’s why I love New York. It always has, it always will. And at the end of the day, my friends, even if it is a long day, and this is a long day, love wins. Always. And it will win again through this virus. Thank you.”

I think these words, spoken by Andrew Cuomo, in the NY TOUGH video should be of inspiration, for everyone ..
I have never hidden my love for the city of New York, I always praise her, I suffered with her during the attacks that have involved her over the years, I rejoiced every time she got up, and she did it by returning more and more stronger, more courageous ..

and I look forward to returning, in what I consider my second home, I look forward to being able to roam the streets again, I look forward to returning to listen to the sounds of the city and get lost in the thousand lights .. I love New York because New York loves me.



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