Are you sure it’s the right thing?

America is ready to start again .. many activities in almost all states start to reopen from this week .. like all National around the world, affected by Covid (the USA even more) now we have to think about starting again .. people have to come back at work .. and that slowly we go back to life, for this as well as for all the other nations I hope we can start again big as before, but today, while I was reading, some of the most famous newspapers in the USA, I understood that I had to share my thinking about something that’s going to happen in the US. I am sure you will not like reading is my disappointment on the removal of many statues, I support and cry out loud all my support for the BLACK LIVES MATTER, because what these people suffer is indecent, far from the word humanity. .the removal of the statues of people who have, even if in the worst way, made American history, will not erase years, and centuries of racism … it will damage the situation, it is not by removing a statue that solves the problem of racism, I personally think that history must not be erased, even if it hurts, but must be used as an example in order not to make the same mistakes of the past, and to write important new steps forward so that one day the children of our children will build statues of people who fought for their rights, building a better world ..What really needs to be done is to VOTE, is to send a person home without love, without respect, without respect for human lives … four years ago, the Americans allowed a fanatic like Trump to take possession almost like a toy of his nation and its people, making the United States of America an object of ridicule by other nations, racism echoes in his words and this should not be denied.I’m not black, I’m a girl from southern Italy, who knows what social classes and disparities between people and gender are. It must be admitted that every nation, even if in its own way, is based on racism, only that we are surrounded by people who they pretend humanity..but it is not by removing the statues of those who created this inequality, that we can change history, but it is by learning from past mistakes that we can create a better future for our children..



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