Change is gonna come..

America must get rid of Trump, I have been saying this since November 2016, 4 years have passed, four years in which Trump has only thought about his fanaticism, has thought of facilitating the rich of America and burying the less well-off, has incited racism in the most multicultural country in the world, he raised a wall with Mexico, threatened a third world war, first against Korea, then Russia and finally China .. (luck would have it that these understood how stupid it was ).He hid the truth about the coronavirus in America, bringing the nation into a true state of health emergency, and during this scary pandemic canceled the Obama care.

What is the Obama Care? Now I tell you.. Obamacare is a reform conceived and strongly desired by former President Barack Obama, which has literally revolutionized the health system in the United States. It is in effect considered one of the most impressive reforms adopted by the Obama Democratic administration. It was born in March 2010, created to protect more than 30 million people with a health system that until before this reform was strictly private.It allowed everyone to have health insurance and to take care of unemployed relatives and children up to 26 years of age. , by encouraging many citizens to take out insurance (sanctioning those who did not). By greatly reducing the number of personal bankruptcy, to which many Americans with minimum wage jobs, faced with a huge (health) expense, lost everything.By deleting it, Trump meant that many people without income would lose their health benefits, for the series “if you have no money you can die”has canceled taxes for the rich, because actually he is only interested in that segment of Americans .. and has given the insurance companies the possibility to increase the insurance premiums towards those who are not insured by 30%.

This is with regard to health care .. Because then the best of himself as president, as a man, as a person has been giving it since May 2020.month in which a damned policeman killed yet another African American just because he was one. America has started a real revolt, because exasperated by so much hatred, and by the supremacy that the police use above all over the African American people. Millions have poured into the streets, even illustrious personalities have marched for and white, together to say enough! no more racism, no more white supremacy, in the meantime the names were increasing, it was no longer the revolt for George Floyd but also for Breonna Taylor, for Aumadur, for Elijah Mcclain, and all those before them .. People are tired of everything this blood shed .. for centuries now ..

And he, the president, the representative of one of the greatest world powers, instead of quelling souls, and doing the right thing, punishing the murderers, he took the Bible, the holiest book in the world, and in front of a church where he has never entered since he was president, he swore that if the riots didn’t stop, he would send the army to stop them! That is, the war on its people, in some states, the riots became less violent and only peaceful demonstrations, thanks also to the governors who handled it better than the president ..has declared war on its citizens, its population, its people, who are not protected, have not said or done anything to calm the spirits, on the contrary it has incited even more hatred, hatred among whites (racists) and African Americans (and those who support them) is much, too much .. more than before

I strongly supported Hillary Clinton’s candidacy in 2016 because I was hoping for a continuation of Obama’s policy .. beaten for a few points by the current president.

but when the name of Joe Biden came up at the end of the year, hope grew stronger .. Biden in the quiet, calm, intelligent, non-exhibitionist man, vice president of America’s most beloved former president Barack Obama, made me hope that that much-desired change by Obama, that shock America needs to become great again is coming.

America is already great, one of the most powerful nations in the world, and it owes its greatness to all those who live there, returning a great nation is for social and cultural purposes .. the current president has created a war media with any human being… the future president will inherit a nation that is angry, offended, doubtful, deceived, and destroyed.And that’s why when Joe Biden announced the name of his vice president, happiness doubled .. Kamala Harris, a strong, determined woman who is not afraid to say what she thinks, a woman who has all the credentials for being a Vice President today, and tomorrow why not also President!

Kamala, a woman of color, with Indian and Jamaican origins, daughter of workers, has known what it means, racism, sacrifice, and much more … and in this period where in America racism and supremacy take over, there is a need of someone who speaks to the heart of average America .. and she is perfect. Biden’s strategy has already brought a lot of support.

I begin to dream .. a better America, a more humane America that thinks of the most needy .. a better America only with Biden and Harris..



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