Forgive us Breonna..

justice denied, I think that no parent who loses a child, the way Breonna died, deserves to receive this .. 195 days have passed since the death of young Breonna.
Breonna, a very young student, who dreamed of becoming a nurse, who loved life, who lit up the world with her smile, was killed 195 days ago by the police in her bed, in what was a mistake .. error for which the police did not apologize, an error that the police dumped on the shoulders of Breonna’s boyfriend, an error that the judiciary has not wanted to put a face to date. Of all the policemen who entered Breonna’s house that cursed evening in March, only one was indicted for a minor crime .. The state, the judiciary, killed Breonna for the second time, the marches are no longer enough .. the riots are not more is enough .. we must act, act for the good of others, I sincerely hope that the Americans take these elections seriously, because it is not a Republican vs Democrat war, but a “war” on civil rights, which the Trump administration is trying to cancel, the right to health, the right to equality, the right to decide whether or not to have a child, the right to live! Things for which America has always fought, setting a good example for other nations as well. And now it is going back of 70 years.. is time to change.. is time to remember the sacrifices who people before of us done..

Ask everyday Justice for Breonna and her family .. because the killers are all arrested..


Not only America, but the whole world, mourns the loss of a great woman, a source of inspiration for millions of young women around the world from the 40s to today .. and beyond.. The second woman to be appointed judge of the US Supreme Court. Born in Brooklyn, has always been a warrior of civil rights for women and the weakest.. A woman who challenged every man who told her that this was not her place .. Ruth made her place in a world where women were not accepted at the time.. she studied at one of the most prestigious universities in the country, where women were 10% of male students at Harvard law school, and then after moving to New York at Columbia University, graduated in 1959 had a lot of difficulty in finding work as a lawyer, women were not frowned upon, for a profession where it was said to have to be soulless, so she started working as a teacher at Columbia, but it was not what she wanted, one thing that characterized her was determination , and this is not only read in books, but you also notice it in the various interviews ..She had studied to be a lawyer, she helped her husband in this and yet… no office wanted her, women in lawyers’ offices at the time were bound to do secretarial work and… coffee!All this gave as a push, to want more first as a woman .. the role of women in America had to be reviewed, she had known that in Sweden the percentage of female students was 25% compared to males .. in practice almost triple the amount to America .. I think it was in that moment that she realized what his purpose in life was. She volunteered for the American civil liberties union for which she was a lawyer, and co-authored a law book on sexist discrimination at work. she has been the advocate of many battles against gender discrimination in the workplace, she has been close to women and she fought for them … for equality … she has shown the whole world that a woman can be anything she wants … first a court of appeals judge and then supreme court judge .. but together also a mother and a wife .. I had the honor of being able to visit the museum in Philadelphia in her honor in 2019 .. an extraordinary exhibition, where I was able to learn more about the life of a woman, a source of immense inspiration ..and I seriously think that yesterday America lost the last symbol for the fight against equality and equal rights .. Bye Ruth rest in peace, thanks for all the pearls of wisdom that we will pass down from generation to generation, thanks for all the struggles for women to have equality in the workplace. Thanks for teaching us that we can be whatever we always want ..

Real change, enduring change, happens one step at a time.”

American Dream..

i believe in the american dream, and i have believed it since i was a child! In these last four years Donald Trump has destroyed what that dream was, plunging the United States into an abyss from which 4 years will not be enough to get out, he has incited hatred against each other, he has declared war on his people, took under tone a dramatic situation such as the coronavirus pandemic and when the situation worsened rather than admitting his mistakes he wanted to fire Fauci, he does not want to make a law against weapons, he did not want to close the activities because he did not think about the health of the his people but to the money that the nation was losing .. he canceled the OBAMA CARE, so that only those who can afford health insurance can be treated .. so only the rich! condemning millions of people .. he did not lift a finger in favor of the victims of racism, on the contrary he turned to the other side, he built a wall with Mexico, then making them pay the construction .. he almost caused the third world war , and today we learn that he has decided to drill one of the most pristine parts of the United States .. Alaska .. this individual must be stopped! And this you can only do by going to Vote! as you like, in person or through the postal service .. but do it because it is really important!

Holidays in Pandemic time ..

I am an inveterate traveler, I am discovering the United States and Europe with an average of five or six trips a year .. I love traveling because it is like recharging my energy every time I leave home .. This year a real and its own catastrophe has hit the world .. the coronavirus, since the end of February we have seen ourselves deprived of our freedom to travel, to live .. this year of uncertainties and fears I have decided to stay at home, Italy, mine nation that has so many wonderful places it can offer, usually I dedicated only a few days to discovering this nation, this time I allowed myself nine days, divided between my beloved Tuscany, and my homeland, Campania, the land of Parthenope.. I was born in a small town in Southern Italy, a small town in Campania where if you went out on television it was only for crime .. I left this region when I was 17, there were many places to visit, but I never have done, this year with my sister we went to discover the Amalfi coast ..Amalfi, Positano, Maiori, bathed by a crystalline sea, with characteristic landscapes, with extraordinary ceramics, beautiful fabrics and sensational food. On this trip, I made peace with my past, I discovered wonderful places, and I saw my beautiful Naples again, one night, one night only, that was enough for me to say .. I went home.


There is no day that I don’t think about how the world would have been without that damn day .. the answers are many and confused, obviously there would not have been all those deaths, there would have been no wars in muslim countries , there would have been no many things .. and the two towers would still be there .. dominating New York .. many perhaps, a lot of sadness and a lot of pain ..

the attack on the Twin Towers is one of those events that can never be erased from our minds,that day, changed the fate of the whole world, thousands of people died under the rubble of what was once the symbol of prosperity not only of New York but of the entire United States, that day,died children, mothers ,fathers ,sisters and brothers.. who became part of us. That day we have cried so much, because we have all been deeply marked ..

but from the ashes, from the pain, from the losses, New York has risen stronger than before.And so it is, from the ashes one of the most extraordinary places was born, where the memory of that day will remain indelible over the centuries ..the 9/11 memorial at the world trade center gives the possibility even to those who were younger or still not to be born, to know what happened … many after 19 years, blame the attack on the United States itself, and perhaps on the one hand it is true, because they brought weapons and power to remote places of the world to grab oil, but they certainly did not go and say knock the towers down, history is full of but .. and it cannot be erased, the pain of a wounded America led to almost “destroy” Afghanistan, and after the death of the leader of Al quaeda, they did not stop and they wanted more and more .. because sometimes the thirst for revenge leads to a lot of nonsense ..

That day will remain impressed in the heads and hearts not only of New Yorkers and Americans, but also of all those who love that city .. and as children they dreamed of climbing on the roof of the towers and managing the city ..

We will never never forget