Holidays in Pandemic time ..

I am an inveterate traveler, I am discovering the United States and Europe with an average of five or six trips a year .. I love traveling because it is like recharging my energy every time I leave home .. This year a real and its own catastrophe has hit the world .. the coronavirus, since the end of February we have seen ourselves deprived of our freedom to travel, to live .. this year of uncertainties and fears I have decided to stay at home, Italy, mine nation that has so many wonderful places it can offer, usually I dedicated only a few days to discovering this nation, this time I allowed myself nine days, divided between my beloved Tuscany, and my homeland, Campania, the land of Parthenope.. I was born in a small town in Southern Italy, a small town in Campania where if you went out on television it was only for crime .. I left this region when I was 17, there were many places to visit, but I never have done, this year with my sister we went to discover the Amalfi coast ..Amalfi, Positano, Maiori, bathed by a crystalline sea, with characteristic landscapes, with extraordinary ceramics, beautiful fabrics and sensational food. On this trip, I made peace with my past, I discovered wonderful places, and I saw my beautiful Naples again, one night, one night only, that was enough for me to say .. I went home.



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