American Dream..

i believe in the american dream, and i have believed it since i was a child! In these last four years Donald Trump has destroyed what that dream was, plunging the United States into an abyss from which 4 years will not be enough to get out, he has incited hatred against each other, he has declared war on his people, took under tone a dramatic situation such as the coronavirus pandemic and when the situation worsened rather than admitting his mistakes he wanted to fire Fauci, he does not want to make a law against weapons, he did not want to close the activities because he did not think about the health of the his people but to the money that the nation was losing .. he canceled the OBAMA CARE, so that only those who can afford health insurance can be treated .. so only the rich! condemning millions of people .. he did not lift a finger in favor of the victims of racism, on the contrary he turned to the other side, he built a wall with Mexico, then making them pay the construction .. he almost caused the third world war , and today we learn that he has decided to drill one of the most pristine parts of the United States .. Alaska .. this individual must be stopped! And this you can only do by going to Vote! as you like, in person or through the postal service .. but do it because it is really important!



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