Emily a very young American girl who moved to Paris, it was easy to create wonderful looks for Lily Collins to wear, As for Sex and city, the characters are many, each with its own character and role and create the perfect looks for each one makes Patricia Field number One.
To make a television series succeed, you need a beautiful storyline, an extraordinary location, an impossible love story and amazing looks. Now after years of collaboration the duo Darren-Patricia is the best in this field, given to Darren Star the task of creating a wonderful story, it’s up to Patricia Field to create the look of the characters ..

mixing styles, designers from all over the world, and low cost brands personally is what I love most of the series, the looks of the female protagonists .. but also the gentlemen are not bad, the touch of Sex and city has not been lost, moreover could not miss a tribute to Audrey Hepburn, who was the first American Girl in Paris cinematically. Also, as the stylist also said, Lily Collins the actress who plays Emily looks a lot like Audrey Hepburn.
One thing is certain of this television series, the styles are almost the master. And it doesn’t matter if we are thin, short, tall, curvy and in any other way, all the girls who have followed or are following this series will go in search of clothes that reflect the styles of the show. Another Huge Success



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