Emily in Paris… J’adore

Since I was a young girl, Paris had never attracted me, as for Los Angeles, I have always considered them as clichés, too much of everything .. and instead in April 2017 I had to change my mind, the magic of Paris absorbed me from the first moment I arrived at the French airport. I loved the city, its wonderful monuments, its romantic streets, the French guys, the wine, the aperitifs on the Seine, everything was fantastic during those six days in Paris. On Netflix these days Emily in Paris has been released, I have already seen the whole series, and some episodes I have also done an encore .. Reading about many discrepancies between Parisians and Americans, and also about many criticisms that this series of wonderful Darren Star creator of Sex and The City has received, I thought I’d share here what I liked about the series, and maybe what I didn’t like ..

In the list of likes, there is practically everything! Obviously the Location, the fact that a young girl has the opportunity to do an Internship in Paris, being very focused on the girl’s work, her SEXY French neighbor, the friendship with Mindy, the slowly French way of life .. which looks a bit more like the Italian one .. maybe that’s why many Italians love Paris, yes many times the comparison with the American style is made, especially for work, but everyone knows that Americans live to work, instead we Europeans work to live. I like Emily in Paris for many aspects, because it is a bit like daydreaming with the protagonist. It takes me back in time, and every corner of that wonderful city also makes me a little nostalgic. The only thing I didn’t like is not so much the difference between Americans and French, but wanting to let the French pass too libertine, I have known French who are passionate and really love, here it seems like a pope is dead makes another .. I don’t know if I give the idea. But maybe I’m wrong .. In six days I certainly haven’t seen much .. and having followed Emily in Paris made me want to revisit Paris again, and maybe this time to learn French.



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