Waiting for the next ..

Who knows me knows, how much I am a lover of the stars and stripes nation, I love NY more than anything else .. but I’ve always had an eye on all of America practically forever! Today is the last day, the decisive one for America .. Four years ago, after 8 years of Obama, the world found itself dealing with a clown, a man capable only of insulting and provoking .. he threatened several times to start a war .. first to Russia, then to Iran and finally to China .. deep hatred of China .. when we discover in recent weeks that he has an offshore account in China ..
America’s problem is not just for that nation, but for the whole world, especially when a being like that shoots bullshit worldwide! I had the opportunity, to chat with many people in America during my last travels, from 2016 to today .. the people are tired! Everyone who sees the situation from the outside says “he revived America’s economy” which according to many was damaged by Obama .. but it is not, because cutting taxes on the rich, and burying poor people is not your thing. the savior of the economy ..on the contrary .. with time in each of my trips I have seen the increase of homeless people .. his election has hit the people .. in the last year, he has given the worst of himself, ridiculing an America, which year ago it was the dream of many ..the world newspapers have written headlines like THE WORST PRESIDENT in the United States, and it is true, because for such a great nation the president must be on the side of the people .. everyone without distinction.To date, 95 million Americans have registered to vote. 95 million people of the minority, blacks from America, Native Americans, the poor, people who have been abandoned by the Government in recent years.

Americans are waiting for change. And the change is called Joe Biden, change has the scent of freedom, equality, civil rights, change has the sound of love for life, for love for one’s people.



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