Yes, Joe Biden won in what was the longest election campaign in the history of the United States of America.

This election saw the winner Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, who were immediately acclaimed by the people, Joe with the appearance of a father of a family, a person who only looks at him and feels respect, Joe Biden who took the side of the weakest, of the minorities, of the middle class! He sided with those who want a better America for everyone… and he was successful.He was not defeated by a clown, who uses bullying as his only tactic, Joe Biden is the new president of the United States of America, and he brought back to America the moment he won an important value .. Union, because united you win!The States have been brought to its knees by an invisible enemy, Covid-19, we are not talking about bombs or terrorist attacks, but about something that you can fight only if you take care of your health and the health of your people, what he was unable to do Mr. Donald Trump. Donald Trump, who in this pandemic had to prove that he was a great leader for a great nation, came out of the pact with the UN, canceling Obamacare and putting millions of people in danger every time he refused to wear the mask.Bringing on the back and conscience, which frankly I don’t know if he has it, two million deaths from coronavirus, and more than fifty million infected. Instead of finding solutions, he thought about attacking his opponents, and saying that the virus is nothing more than a flu, he managed to say in front of millions of people, to drink disinfectant! Really creepy, and only creepy like him could rate it.

Today Joe Biden and Kamala Harris find themselves picking up the pieces of an America, divided, destroyed and sunk, but America is the land of dreams, and Joe Biden’s dream is to bring America up again.

Because America is the nation that welcomes everyone and gives opportunities to all those who commit and believe in the American dream.
I feel that America will once again be the great nation we have always known, and not the joke of the world as in the last four years.
God Save the President of United States!



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