In this second phase of the second Lockdown I decided to take better care of myself, today I am exactly fifteen days at home, I went out a few times to do the shopping, but nothing special, I have not made up for fifteen days, and also if in this second Lockdown I eat less fatty things than the first in March.
In these fifteen days, between stress and anxiety, in addition to imperfections due to oily skin, I also found myself dealing with skin spots, so as soon as the situation became calmer, I decided to pamper myself a little.

I was practically born with oily skin and for years, I have tried any product, plus over time the damn blackheads have added. So those dimples formed on the skin that make the face really ugly.

but thanks to Sand And Sky and other wonderful products my skin is smooth and clean!

1st STEP) Cleaning with Garnier Rose Micellar Water, sensitive to redness, and effective for 99% careful cleaning

2nd Step: Tissue mask in pure charcoal. Perfect !! Sheet mask is infused with charcoal, known for its ultra-absorbent properties, and is enriched with black tea extract, LHA and hyaluronic acid to purify, mattify and rebalance the skin, leaving it hydrated.

3rd Step: the third step was the blackhead machine, I did the deep cleaning on my nose and chin.

4th step: Sephora 5-minute Black Mask, I love it because it’s easy to apply, it has an exceptional effect on the face, and it’s practically my Daily mask

5th step: when I deal with blackheads and face cleansing, I always risk having a problem of gloss so I applied the green pure clay mask by L’Oreal, which mattifies, applying it on the forehead, nose, cheeks and chin.

LAST STEP: I recommend this step to all those who like me, at home with too many makeup, have orange peel cheeks! Since I have been using this product, I am returning with the face of a child!
The Sand and Sky mask with pink clay from Australia, the clay Smoothes the face making it smooth and without imperfections!

Let’s take advantage of this period to not break down and take care of ourselves!



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