I have always denied myself to cooking, I have always said that I am more someone who orders food, rather than one who prepares it, but out of need and boredom, I found myself spending hours of my horrible second Lockdown in the kitchen! Those very few times I had to cook, I was always blatantly criticized for the mistakes I made when I was thirteen, and by emergency I found myself cooking my younger I have always preferred to avoid, until Sunday, when I found myself in front of the stove and didn’t really know what to do, I started looking around, and I thought about my grandmother’s kitchen, on Sundays I spent watching my mother cook, I had some technique, and if the chefs manage to create wonderful dishes, combining different products together, I can create something by revisiting the old grandmother’s recipes ..



  • 16 oz. Mixed Minced meat
  • 1 egg
  • bread (quantity at will but I suggest not much)
  • salt
  • black pepper
  • a pinch of nutmeg

processing: mix everything in a bowl, once ready prepare a dish with breadcrumbs, which we will use for the breading of the meatballs.
For the shape, I preferred, to make large meatballs, but it is there to your liking, put some oil in a pan, and let it heat up as soon as it starts to “fry” then drop your meatballs, make sure that the cooking is golden, evenly. Meatballs as my grandmother made them with the addition of nutmeg were (and here I say fortunately) very appreciated!



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