This 2020…

A few days ago Time, one of the most famous magazines in the world, published the cover to describe this 2020, perhaps the best way to describe this year.

The Time cover has decided to cancel 2020 by labeling it as the ‘worst year ever’, December 5, 2020.

in a few days the situation in Italy precipitates, at the beginning of March, schools stop, and soon after everything stops, millions of workers and students suspended in doubt of what will happen, and here I am closed at home, every day thousands of News on Coronavirus, some loaded, some real, every day the positives, hospitalizations and unfortunately also the deaths increased. After March 10, news begins to arrive from all over Europe and the other side of the world .. The blocking of flights, the forced and non-forced repatriation of people who lived abroad, the first news of “skeptics” like Donald Trump, who said that it was a simple flu .. Shut up at home I devoted myself to writing my first book, it was a bit like a sweet distraction .. during the day, at night I was always at the pc, book and world news, and then the news, I had reached ten a day because every positive, every dead, every hospitalized, every closed city became part of me ..

All over the world there are photos of exhausted nurses and doctors like that of Elena Pagliarini, perhaps it is thanks to these photos that they begin to take precautions, they begin to block movements between nations in Europe, and the United States blocks external flights.
But now the situation is critical for everyone, from the United States on March 30th the images of the ship docking in the Hudson River arrive, a swaying hospital arrived because after less than a month New York and its hospitals have collapsed, the images from the United States are criticism, and frighten the whole world. But there was still too much skepticism, the great heads of state like Donald Trump, Borsanero of Brazil and Johnson of England are among the first skeptics, the United States had great State Governors like Andrew Cuomo and Gavin Newsom respectively state of New York and Califonia who have tried in every way to stop the infections, England had a hard time with Johnson who once caught the virus he too realized what was happening .. Who instead waited to to get to about a thousand deaths a day before taking action was Bolsanero, at the beginning of May the book was almost finished, and even my Lockdown, at the end of the month I went back to work, and working in what has been and is today the most affected sector, the Catering sector, I realized how people he quickly forgot what we had been through, all partying around. All around attacking restaurants, bars and unfortunately also discos, all traveling around, all invading Croatia which, shortly after the start of summer, was already covid Full!All people left for Croatia for the holidays that would return to Italy, all positive for covid, after Croatia it was the turn of Sardinia .. and in the meantime in August many virologists gave the situation catastrophic since October, but we fooled, we continued to make our comfortable, and it was precisely at this moment that I was afraid, I went six days to the sea, I took an apartment on the Amalfi coast, and I felt guilty as soon as I got back, I am among the lucky ones (until today ) to not have caught the virus but have lived with anxiety all this time. Today I have been locked in the house again for thirty-five days, and the only thing I feel is fear, fear of going back out, of living my life.Because this new Lockdown, even if lighter and lived with the awareness that it was to arrive, has destabilized me with my life.One thing is certain, this December no resolutions for 2021, no plans, no plans .. I will live life day by day, with the hope that all this will end and that my desire to trust the world will return once again ..



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